hahaha my friend gave my daughter her fake lv

  1. and my daughter is like "this is my loobis baton" Im like well hun you can pretend it is. Lol she doesnt know the difference.
  2. That is so cute! :smile:
  3. kids are so funny. Its a wacked out cherry blossom speedy that is alll messed up but she likes it lol. She can put her little hair things in it
  4. i meant looby baton lol
  5. Pics! :nuts:
  6. lol Ill take some tonight and post them. Im at work now unfortunately. But ill post em you guys will laugh
  7. Okie dokie, did your friend know it's a fake?
  8. i think so. She got it off i offer. It was a really really really bad fake lol. She got a full refund though so she just gave it to my daughter
  9. i wonder if she knew that the cb speedy was never even produced???
  10. That's cute. I gave my fake Perfo (ugh!) to my niece (she's 3) thinks that is is a dog carrier for her collection of stuffed dogs.
  11. lol i dunno if she knew that there was no cherry blossom speedy. She's the one that got me into louis vuitton and i know more than her now and actually own a real lv. She has an audra that she got off ehandbagz ick.
  12. LMAO!!! How old is your daughter? Where is the photo?!?
  13. Lol, that's too cute. Good idea, actually. Giving fakes to the kids to just play around with since really they can't tell the difference. (and even if they do, at such a young age shouldn't really matter!)
  14. ehhh. cherry blossom speedy..gross! :throwup: :yucky: :roflmfao:
  15. Aw, so cute! :biggrin: