Hahaha Help Me!!!!

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  1. Im so deprived of tokidoki here that.....today when i was in san antonio.. shopping at this outlet mall called LA Cantera i saw a woman with a tokidoki shirt and a pirata gioco... and at first i just noticed her shirt and was like OMG!!! SHES GOT A...... and then i saw the bag and freaked out even more..haha i was practically yelling I WAS LIKE TOKIDOKI!!! A PURSE TOO!! haha she heard me and turned and smiled and i waved like an idoit haha i didnt knw wat else to do... my frenz were looking at me like i was crazy..... i just thought that was funny and i wanted to share with u all.... i want my transporto soo much now!!! haha
  2. :roflmfao: i'm the same way, but a bit toned down. when i'm at work, i constantly stare at peoples bag's, and when i see a tokidoki, i want to see what print, style bag or if it's a fake. i get so much dirty looks, cause people think i have a staring problem, when i'm just checking out the goods...:roflmfao:
  3. lol haha i think if i was used to seeing them soo much i prob wouldnt have freaked out... but ive only seen 2 other ppl with them in real life.. well besides me lol
  4. Oh what a cool feelin. I was at an asian grocery store today and saw this lady with a total fake. That's as close as I got to a tokidoki siting.
  5. I was at Target a few days ago and someone had a L'Amore Bambinone and I was so tempted to see if it was a tPF member but I was in a rush and didn't have time to ask. But it was the first time I had seen anyone with a tokidoki bag since I got into it so it was an exciting first sighting!
  6. theres lots of people with toki in irvine, i saw a girl with a paradiso gioco the other day :biggrin: i get excited when i see other tokidoki lovers too hehe
  7. i have never seen anyone with tokidoki around here except me haha it's so depressing
  8. This part is killing me! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Too funny!! Nice work!

    I was in Disneyland with Robotkitten and Tokidoki :heart:er and they were talking to everyone they saw w/tokidoki bags! :lol: They were recruiting for tpf telling them to join! Gotta love it! :love:
  9. I've never seen anyone around here with Tokidoki either, but I know they're out there!
  10. :roflmfao: that is sooo hilarious! made me laugh. i really needed it. been such a sucky month(s).
  11. i live in san antonio and i've only seen one tokidoki bag. a pirata stellina. i freaked out!
  12. I always feel the need to vocally point out to whomever I'm with when I see someone with a toki, I have to tell them what kind of bag it is and the shape. Most of the time they don't care and just humor me lol.
  13. where did u see her? I was in irvine visiting friends and i was carrying my paradiso gioco!!!! hehehehe
  14. i was in arcadia and saw a girl walk by SinBaLa with an Inferno Zucca.... i told my boyfriend "OMG THAT BAG IS RARE these days" and he just said..."uh okay...do they spend more than you do?" grrrrrr~ lol :biggrin:

  15. i do the exact same thing...
    i give my hubby the nudge and educate him on tokidoki...
    like he really cares...:roflmfao: