hahaha check out this "bella"

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  1. seriously huh....wtf is that lol.
  2. no f-ing idea. i can't even understand it...scary.
  3. ha..used one time ...lol fugly :p
  4. lol...I keep thinking of the fakes I saw in person when i see these. First of all, they're ugly in person-rough material/color off and they probably got it wayy cheaper than what they're selling it for.
  5. it's true i ran into a ton of the flower spring bags in chicago. some store i popped into had an entire display full of them.
  6. i just crack up in my head when i see fake ones...
  7. i'd understand it if these bags were thousands of dollars but even making a fake cannot be that profitable at this level...i guess i could be wrong.
  8. i just noticed your post about the walkin to the store full of them haha... maybe you should report them to Lesportsac? The SAs here told me that there are ppl that actually report these business to them because its a copyright infringement...but idk ..
  9. Who would you report it to though?

    I only saw one fake bag IRL..and it was so terrible and the girl was walking around like she was all that with her fake bag. She's lucky she didn't come near me. I'd call her out on it, I swear.
  10. if you see a business that is selling them you can report them to Lesportsac stores or HQ about it thats what ppl has been doing here.... but im not sure if your stores there will appreciate it?? the stores here seems to because they will get them pull off from their business due to copyright infringement...

    but if you see someone carrying it theres nothing you can do about that cuz they are not the ones selling it..
  11. I haven't seen any stores here selling it, I hope no one ever does.
  12. I saw this one on eBay! hhaha! Man, I thought it was sooo pathetic!
  13. My question is...who's bidding on it? it's over $40! Not worth it..
  14. :lol: