HAHAAHAHA - Fake Mahina XL spotted!

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  1. OMG! I was at the movies last night and I had to look twice. Coming out of the movie, I saw this chick with the exact Mahina XL style, but it had gold rings holding the top strap (real one has no rings!) but the exact shape and everything. I don't think it had the perforations, it looked quilted or something, hard to see, didn't want her to catch me staring! Mahina XL wasn't for me so I sent it back, but funny seeing people walking around with ugly fake!:lol:
  2. It really is funny to see people with them.:nogood:
  3. my coworker has one. at first i was like... ohhh a mahina, but then i noticed its smaller than usual. then i figured out its not real. i havent said a word to her about it (dont want her to look at me funny)
  4. :lol:Nah, it's best to leave her alone. Let her enjoy the fact she saved 3K. Me? If the bag was right for me, would've kept it and felt content as could be knowing money well spent on the REAL THING!!:smile:
  5. OMG i saw one too friday at the mall!! I was like "Noooo freakin way....:wtf:..Ugleyyyy"
  6. Yuck. Fakes are never in style.
  7. A fake Mahina XL? :yucky:
  8. I saw a fake black denim mahina xl recently... coundn't believe it!
  9. i saw a fake human once...
  10. ^What did it look like?^
  11. Omgosh, I spotted a fake Mahina noir XL too! It looks SO tacky.
  12. do u know how to recognize that mahina is fake?
  13. :faint::faint::faint::smash:
  14. :lolots::lolots
  15. I find it a little more upsetting than funny lol!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.