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  1. I spent all day today getting harassed by this ebayer about a scarf I had up for auction. It was listed at 180 and she offered me 100 INCLUDING shipping or told me I should just list it at 50 dollars and hope for the best because it looked 'trashed' and that it was so wrinkled that it looked like i could have had it in a ball in my closet. I kid you not. (Ok, just 2 emails but that was enough). I swear the thing is BEAUTIFUL and in great shape and not that wrinkled (it's been folded nicely in my closet since I got it and wore it once. ETA: I guess it's wrinkled from me wearing it but it's been folded like all my other scarves...) I almost wrote back the second time and said something not nice but I resisted. I had blocked her this morning after her first email. Anyway it sold tonight (for the opening bid, which I plenty happy about) and the buyer paid already. I almost feeling like writing that woman back and saying "TAKE THAT YOU!" but I am an adult. LOL.

    But seriously, what do people think? for real. How is insulting someone's listing ok? How is it the way to get them to sell you their things cheap? ugh.
  2. ok I went back and looked at the pictures in my auction again and it does look wrinkled but I swear it's been folded nicely and has not been balled up anywhere! I don't know why it's that wrinkled still. Regardless...
  3. Block her and move on. What a PITA:nuts::nuts::nuts: She is probably dying to hear back from someone who takes the bait.
  4. I hate when people have to comment about things like that! Doesn't anybody know how to mind thier own business anymore? I think she was trying to scare you to lower the price & make you think your item won't sell. I hope it was on her watch list and she saw it sold for your full asking price. I mean if you wanted to sell it for $50, you would've listed it at that! I would be insulted if someone emailed me garbage like that. Congrats on making the sale!
  5. #5 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    You know why they do this? Because it works enough times to make it worth the try. Some people don't respond well to pressure and second-guess themselves. They end up doing what the other person wants them to do. So the PITAs get enough encouragement to keep trying. That's what I think.
  6. LOL... I love it when people write me and tell me how to price my items. Or they include that the last one that sold was the same as their lowball offer (typically a different color or more used than the one I am selling).

    Good job on being the adult in this situation.
  7. It wouldn't work for me. If I received an abrasive question from a potential buyer, I would immediately block them. There are enough nice buyers out there - I'd rather an item not sell than deal with a PITA.
  8. oh i totally blocked her immediately. lol. i responded to her first email and blocked her. ita northern!

    thanks everyone! the scarf is now happily on it's way to it's new mama!
  9. Oh gosh yes I hate that! I always feel like they are trying to find 'weaker' bayers who will just roll over and go for what they request.
  10. Total PITA. She was probably a bully in school. I'm glad your item sold at a much higher amount than she offered.
  11. I find that incredible. I would never think of asking a seller to lower the price or w/e. I look for an item I want, if I find one and the price is right I bid, end of story.

    I guess it takes all kinds.