haha this little old lady lol

  1. So I was in line at the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions and I had my mono speedy with me and this little old lady behind me said "I love your suitcase! it's cute" lol. I was like "Well it's a purse but thanks." Then she said the guy in front of me looked like skipper from Gilligans Island lol. This little lady had me crying lol
  2. hahah that kinda stuff cracks me up. sometimes old people are so cute ;)
  3. lol yeah she was!!
  4. aw, old people say the cutest things.
  5. cute
  6. my dad said the same thing about my damier speedy... he was like 'i love your cute little suitcase purse!'
  7. Aw, haha. That would have made my day!
  8. she's not too far off since speedy and keepall are one family :biggrin:
  9. lol but i have the speedy 25 and I think its just a medium sized bag! it was funny though