Haha This is a Purse Blog inspired thread..

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  1. I was looking around online, and I stumbled upon this. I found it pretty interesting that a genuine crocodile bag can sell for $4,850. But my question is, is this bag the biggest waste of crocodile skin, or is it the best buy for croc? This poor croc could've been made into a Birkin =[


    also guess who the designer is =]​
  2. I can't tell LOL!
  3. I believe that this is the Dooney & Burke that someone wrote about and showed on this site the other day. Right? :smile:
  4. Poor Croc.
  5. Great skin, I can believe D & B, but I think the purse is flat with no personality.
  6. It is D&B, I still think it couldve been made into a Birkin!! and on the site it lists about 18 different colors! so theres 18 probably more of these bags running around!
  7. umm i can get a croc skin bag for 300 dollars why in the hell would i spend over 4 grand for it?