HAHA Sweet 16 on MTV

  1. Hey everybody, I thought I would write and tell you about this show I caught yesterday!! It's called My Super Sweet 16 (not sure if it's on everywhere) and it's on MTV. It's about these spoiled little girl who's rich mommies and daddies pay for a big party when the kid turns 16..duh!! Anywho, the one that I caught a little bit of yesterday this girl was carrying the WORST fake LV I have ever seen!! It's was this all pink cherry blossom bag kinda like a mix of a shopper and a Ribera MM!! I search everywhere for this bag...NO WHERE!! It's was just so funny that this girl got a pony for her birthday yet her parents couldn't even get her a real Louis bag!! And her mom had these FUGLY fake Chanel glasses on!! The one's with the OO instead of the CC..Just thought everyone would like to laugh with me!!:lol:
  2. Like I think someone mentioned before, a lot of times on these shows like Sweet 16 or Real Housewives of OC, the people don't seem to be so concerned with quality as they are with just an overall image.
  3. Wow! How embarrassing to be on TV like that.
    That's nothing I would want to flaunt.
  4. Ooooo we get this show in the UK, just a bit later than you guys. I strangely love it...embarassing i know!
  5. I've met a few of the ladies from Real Housewives and a friend of my daughters had her Sweet 16 on that MTV show.

    Anyway, rich people carry fakes too. I have a friend here that buys her daughters fakes sometimes instead of the real bags.
  6. thats upsetting national tv with a fake !
  7. that show is such trash...doesn't surprise me! lol!
  8. Figures.......that show is, without a doubt, the worst piece of crap that a network (and I use that loosly) has ever wasted video on.......(shaking head).....

    I remember when MTV stood for "Music Videos", and they played them 24hrs a day.......now it's a parade of reality garbage.........
  9. what an embarrassment on TV...I feel sorry for her
  10. They ALWAYS have fakes.
    I only watch that show because they ALWAYS have a fake chanel.
  11. My question is, if they are selling those items that seen in the show online, are they also going to sell fakes via some online stores?
  12. That is so gross that they carry fakes.
  13. Ugh, how embarassing!! Do you think they flaunt them really believing they are real?? :yucky: