Haha Sweaty Armpits! yuck!

  1. Alright everyone I admit I have a problem!!!!! I get really sweaty armpits at work and it is really starting to make me feel akward! We have to wear long sleeve white button down shirts and i feel like the whole world can see that I am sweating. Thing is it only happens at work!! I have tried mens deoderant...and clinical strength stuff. I just bought certain dri today...hoping it works. Aynone else have this problem?? I heard getting botox in your armpits will help stop sweating lol...if thats what it takes!!!
  2. Try Certain Dri. It worked wonders for me :smile:
  3. Oops, just read that you bought Certain Dri. I hope it works for you! ;)
  4. lol yeah...how often do you have to apply it? and do you still use other deoderant with it?
  5. What you're describing is called "hyperhidrosis" (which just means excessive sweating). It's a fairly common condition and there are a few ways to treat it. Have you told your doctor about this? They can prescribe really heavy duty antiperspirants (I don't know which ones you've tried, maybe they have something stronger), or even give you medicines to stop the sweating. And yes, as wacky as it sounds, Botox DOES stop excessive sweating (sweating is triggered by the same nerves that make muscles tense/wrinkle), but that's something a doc would probably need to prescribe for you. Hope this helps!

  6. Thank you!!:tup:
  7. I had this problem when I was younger, I would literally POUR sweat out of my armpits. Since this was before Botox injections (which I hear work nicely) and real heavy duty anti-persperants, doc gave me some tablet thing I had to dissolve and then put the liquid on a cloth, and press it to my armpits. It was a pain in the hind end. I was under a LOT of stress at the time, and they think that's what caused it.
  8. There is a deodorant here in Spain called Perspirex which has worked for all my friends who had the same problem. Seriously, this stuff works for the heaviest sweaty armpits! After a week or so you don't sweat at all, even with the hottest meetings!

    Maybe you can find it on eBay or through a pharmacy on line, good luck!
  9. Certain Dri has done the trick for me! The only problem is that it's itchy for about 30 minutes after I put it on at night LOL!
  10. ^ Certain Dri is itchier if you recently shaved... so shave in the am, Certain Dri in the evening :yes:
  11. In Australia you can get these:


    So you don't have to overload your underarms with chemicals.

    I am sure you could find something similar where you live, google 'underarm protectors' for example. They are basically like pads for your armpits!
  12. I tried everything including Drysol so I have been getting botox injections for the past 2 years & I am sweat free but the Botox does wear off so depending on the individual you have to get it done 2-3 times a year & each underarm takes one bottle of Botox so it can be quite costly but it definetely works.
  13. I apply Certain Dri almost every night. I notice that if I stop using it for a few weeks I begin to sweat again. If I use it nightly, I do not sweat at all. I also started using Certain Dri AM. It is designed to be used in the morning instead of the evening, but you can't just use the AM deodorant. You must also use the PM deodorant at night.
  14. I tried everything at the drug store and nothing worked, so I asked my doctor about it..She prescribed DRYSOL for me and it worked wonderfully! So maybe talk to your Dr. if certain dri doesnt work out!
  15. i wonder if i can get certain dri in singapore....