Haha . . . so funny and so true!

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  2. :lol::lol: I love Cathy :lol::lol:
  3. lol thats cute
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  5. My purse never set off the seatbelt alarm, but it does have its own seat at the movie theatre! (I actually think to myself as I'm putting it down, "This is my Louis's seat!")

    If I ever have to stop short when I'm driving I've always instinctively done the 'protective arm' but I especially do it when my purse is on the front seat!
  6. OMG! My DH would eat these up!! He's always making fun of my obsession with purses! Lol!
  7. Lololol!
  8. My purse has been feeling a bit heavy lately. That's why I've been thinking of trimming down. I love Cathy.
  9. Aw, so cute! Love Cathy!
  10. I have a plastic rubbermaid-type tub that sits on my passenger seat with the seatbelt around it. I put my bag in there and it keeps it from flying around when I zip around corners (I have a Mini S). I like my bag accessible when I drive, but I hate it flying off the seat!
  11. Very funny!
  12. I love Cathy. My purse has never set off the seatbelt alarm, but my book bag almost always does.