haha, laugh @ gas prices


Building a rainbow
I honestly hope the price of gas prompts more ppl to look to other modes of transportation, and to smaller, more fuel efficient or alternative-energy cars. I live in NYC, where there's hardly room for ppl. Why anyone in the city owns H3s and Escalades is completely beyond me. I think it's ridiculous and borders on asinine sometimes, when it's done in the name of status. I think we, as americans, have been spoiled too long when it comes to oil and energy consumption with our government subsidized prices and our unwillingness to look for alternatives -- and yes, I know large companies are in part to blame for this but we're not exactly helping the situation any by sticking our heads in the sand and running up our credit debt purchasing SUVs at every turn.

I do feel for ppl who live in areas where mass transit is not developed or reliable, and jobs are much further dispersed than in metropolitan areas. For those ppl, the price of gas is an inescapable burden (unlike Manhattanites who 'have to' own Navigators). Whoever our next president is, I hope he or she has a better energy and fuel plan than that of the Bush administration.


Jun 6, 2007
As much as I hate my crappy little car, it gets great mileage, so I only have to fill it with $4 gas every 3 weeks or so.