Haha is this wrong?

  1. Ok, so I JUST got a new laptop, and im not that excited about it, but im more excited to get a bag I could carry it in. :yes:
  2. LOL! I'd be the same way! (I actually looked for a bag before I got my laptop! :roflmfao: )
  3. I've been working on getting both the laptop and the bag for months...I'm WAY indecisive!
  4. You are my idol..LOL...perfect guy!
  5. Hahaha thanks! Jill, your funny! It feels good to be idolized!

    hahaha I want some kind of cute bag to put it in! Its pretty small so it should be easy to find one! Its 13 inches. I was thinking the LV Lockit Horizontal ;] OR Manhattan GM!
  6. Heck yeah new bag!
  7. Congrats on your new laptop! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I just got one a few months ago and looked at nice bags for it. I also have the Manhattan GM (GREAT BAG!!!). My laptop is small so it can easily fit in the GM. My advice is to buy a laptop sleeve. this is a snug fitting cover that is not bulky and allows you to put the laptop in another stylish bag. Its awesome because it protects it. I got mine for 20 dollars at Luggage, Bags & Purses from Samsonite, Travelpro, North Face & More - eBags. they have a nice collection.:smile:
  8. Thanks tonsss! I haaaaaave to get one of those now! and a laptop sleeve of course ;]
  9. Lol reynaldo that's too funny. Of course the bag is more exciting! So what kind of laptop did you get?
  10. he he he, Reynaldo. It seems you have your priorities worked out just fine ;)
    :biggrin:, so funny that you are more excited about the bag than the laptop :biggrin:
  11. I can totally relate. Before I even got my laptop, I was looking at bags for it! I ended up getting a really simple bag (after buying the laptop I was a bit low on funds), but now I wish I had something a with a little more flair.
  12. No way, that's awesome ! :biggrin:
  13. defininately post pictures of the laptop with its new bag...
    that'll be so fun! :smile: