Haha. I feel like an idiot.

  1. On threads that are for authenticating or asking for opinions, tpf'ers tend to write "TIA!" I just realized that's for..Thanks In Advance?

    This entire time I was thinking that you guys were referring to a girl TIA (Tia), a TPF'er and a handbag queen of some sort, who knew the answer to just about every purse question. lol! Just thought I'd share my dunce moment. :smile:
  2. Nearly every post I read has some kind of abbreviation I dont understand. :s
  3. When I first started viewing message boards I was in the same boat! I was often too embarrassed to ask, so I kind of deciphered what DH, DS, DD meant, as well as TIA and OP. ROTFL! (Ha, there's another...):roflmfao:
  4. ohhhh dear - ummm... how funny would it be if there was a member called TIA!!!
    I have no clue about abbreviations either. The only one I use and know is LOL.
  5. tia!! LOL that's so cute!
  6. The abbreviations took me a while...I had to look up "KWIM" and "AFAIK" on urbandictionary...
  7. Lol cute. When I first joined tPF I agree there were some tricky abbreviations. Some were quite witty though, like PHH ;)
  8. HAHA...I invented PHH.....LOL.......Beleive it or not.(or I should say PHH owned up to the name...ROFLMAO!)
  9. When I first joined, I was so confused. Google came in handy.
  10. OMG, that seriously made me LOL! The illusive and mysterious Tia!

    (It me awhile to get used to all of the internet lingo too!)
  11. for me 2
  12. HTH was the toughest one for me to figure out. At first I thought it was something like (too) "hot to handle" or something?! I'm such an idiot.
  13. Haha. If sometimes get confused about abreviations. We could have our own PF urban dictionary.
  14. Stay away from the Corporate world.. hopefully OOO wouldn't throw ya.. it did me.. lol.