Hah!! Can you imagine

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  1. I am reading this book on stats..

    1922 the annual income was $1,021.00
    and a Womens Handbag $1.00 :nuts: these price increases are something else :P
  2. WOW, that really is food for thought, huh!:nuts:
  3. WHoa! LOL

    What is the average income now? Isn't it like US$25K or something? I think a family is US$44K And what is the average price of a purse? I have no clue about that. It would be interesting to see the price difference there...
  4. That's interesting....
  5. WOW!!! Doesn't that blow your mind??!!! Fast forward to the future and look how $$ out of control things have become!!! And what will they be 50 years from now? SCARY!
  6. But how much was a LV handbag?
  7. Wow.
  8. Wow!
  9. yeah, and a week's grocery was like $2.50 and now it's like $200! it's all inflation baby...

    and in 50 years we're not gonna be talking in hundreds anymore, it'll probably be in thousands...i
  10. yes. was that just a regular handbag, or lv??
    well, in those days, a cent was about a dollar..
  11. pretty sure a lv bag was about $30 for something decent sized.
  12. A bowl of noodles here was like, S$0.10 or less then.
  13. Wow!! Those stats are amazing!!
  14. Lol I remember seeing old LV ads (like the black and white ones from the turn of the century) where the prices for a large trunk was less than or a bit over $100.