Haggling over H Items -- is it ever done?

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  1. I just got out of a meeting here at work, and a guy was going on about luxury goods and how overpriced they are, blah blah blah. He proceeded to tell us about an acquaintance of his that works in one of the designer boutiques here in Sydney (not Hermes). He was going on about the mark-ups (yeah yeah yeah), and then said something quite curious that I don't know if I believe. He said that this luxury goods SA told him that they will in fact come down off the marked price if asked, and <get this> they even make a special flag in their database next to people who have haggled -- and these hagglers are deemed "preferred customers". I practically laughed in his face because I've never heard of such a thing. I think this guy is prone to making up stories to impress people. Can it be true? Have I been paying full price and being marked for life as a dud customer? LOL. It all seems ridiculous.

    Anyway, it started me thinking...do people ever ask for discounts in Hermes boutiques? Is it frowned upon? I thought it would be, but hey, who knows? Personally I would never have the guts. Maybe it is more common practice in other countries.

    I would be mortified if I had a black mark against my name in some database for paying full price! LOL! Any inputs?
  2. I have never heard this before! :shrugs:
  3. ...preferred customers don't ask for prices :roflmfao:.

  4. Wouldn't it make more sense that a preferred customer pay full price?
    And i highly doubt H would consider giving a discount?!!!

    In Paris my mother asked for a discount at LV, (she doesn't get the whole designer thing lol) of all discounts a CASH discount?!?! thankfully I wasn't there to witness the humiliation, and btw the SA's response to her was "Sorry, madame the tax discount is enough."
  5. Under no circumstances at Hermes, even for sale items.
    Yes there is a significant mark up involved with the goods but they are expensive because they are expensively produced. Do not put yourself to shame by attempting to haggle in Hermes.
  6. I don't think there is anything more to add.
  7. I thought the only "discount" you get is VAT returns. Even then, you don't really have to haggle for it cos it's yours, anyway.
  8. On the jewelry forum I have seen some people say that Cartier will discount a bit if you ask (these were non US posters I think). I have never seen/heard anyone do it IRL though.
  9. Hmmmm...............I might try this next time I go in. Ideally it will go like this:

    Me: May I have a look at that Croc Birkin please?
    SA: Most certainly Cal. May I just say that you're looking exceptionally fabulous today.
    Me: *blush*
    SA: *giggle*
    Me: Oh yes, this is beautiful and would look great in my *cough* collection. May I ask the price?
    SA: 14 Gagillion Dollars.
    Me: Hmmmm.....how about $500, a pack of gum, my kids and my nice Tiffany keychain *wiggles keychain in front of SA*
    SA: Throw in that Juicebox that your kid is holding and you've got a deal.
    Me: Done! Wrap it up.
    SA: Excellent! Did I mention how fabulous you look today?
    Me: Yes you did. Can I have your belt?
    SA: No.
    Me: It was worth a try.
  10. LOL Cal!!
  11. OMG Cal your a scream!
  12. There is definitely wiggle room on luxury goods and people do haggle. My brother-in-law never pays what is asked. LOL and he is really good at it I might add. It also helps as the ticket is larger of course.

    I can't comment about Hermes because I do not know anyone who has done this.
  13. I have heard of it being done with watches, especially high-end watches like PP especially if you buy from dealers. Tourneou will offer some discount for more expensive watches if they think that a price reduction will push you towards making a purchase now. I've personally experienced this.

    Don't think you can do it with luxury jewelry from boutiques like Tiffany or Cartier. Although I've just asked Dior today if their jewelry items ever go on sale when I went to their pre-sale today. (Answer is no though I went to a Cartier jewelry and watch private sale 2 years ago - mark downs up to 80%!!)

    I am sure there will be people who will haggle but I don't believe retailers like H or other high-end bag companies will give discounts no matter how much money you have spent on their items. For VIP clients, they may give preferential treatment, but never a discount....
  14. :yes:
  15. When it comes to the high end jewelry names you can always haggle the percentage of tax off the price and easily up to 10%. (any more after that I think it depends on the ticket price, your haggling ability, who you are, how you present yourself etc) I learned this from a man who worked at some of the big design houses. Never think never.