Hadn't done a reveal in a while! Meet my new babies!

  1. Nice haul! Thanks for sharing...
  2. If i were to buy Vernis Alma, will definitely get this pomme Alma.... it's my fave color and it's so gorgeous......... Congrats on ur new babies!
  3. Is she a schnauzer? I had too, they are the best dogs! Happy birthday!
  4. congrats!its beautifull!
  5. Yes! She is a mini schnauzer. I have 1 and my parents have 2. They are so smart!
  6. I had a middle one, she died last year age of 13:sad:
  7. congrats! that is gorgeous!
  8. Beautiful ! Nice Haul!
  9. Cute (Bailey & the bags) Good choices! :tup:
  10. Beautiful and congrats!!!
  11. Woah, just noticed this was from 2012. I was like, when did they stop using contrast edge varnish? (It has red edge finishing instead of the black that is now used)
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  12. Love your Alma.