Had zipper replaced on keepall, now lock wont' fit on zipper pulls

  1. Has anyone else had this problem? I have an older keepall probably about 15 years, and finally had to have the zipper replaced.

    WHen i got it back it looked great, but the new zipper pulls rectangle cut out part, is too small and i can't put the lock through them. :sad:

    Has anyone else had this problem? Can I send it back and have them put different zipper pulls? Or do I ahve to buy a whole new lock?
  2. Take it back and let LV know, they should be able to take the zip pulls off and re-place them :smile:
  3. :yes:
  4. Yes, I'd take it back.
  5. I would take it back too!
  6. shmoo - did they change the date code on your keepall? Just curious.
  7. That sounds strange. They must've changed the zippers? Do you have pictures?
  8. yeah take it back. I'm sure they can fix it.
  9. Let us know what happens....
    I'm sure there are alot of us who own vintage LV....and may also happen to us....thanks!!