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  1. Ok, there this girl in my class who used to carry a Juicy couture bowler bag to class everyday. She always act like a queen and never smile, and I have a feeling she doesn't like me. She talks to my friend once a while ( who is a guy which is like the only two guys she ever talk to in the class, and she never talk to any other girls). When I smile or try to be friendly to her she just look pissed off and never talk/smile back, so I gave up. Ever after I changed my purse she start changing hers ( Juicy Coutures) every other time, which I have a feeling she is trying to look better or something. I never change my purse from that on, since I really like the coach I am carrying right now. After all the "juicy' stuff I guess she is also sick of them now, so she brought a Gucci tote to class today.Accidently I am sitting right cross from her,so she placed her Gucci against my Coach and smile at my bag and it was not a friendly smile. It made me kinda of mad, but I also feel I am so stupid that I am mad.:sad:
  2. You can't change ignorance. Someday she will begin to live in the real world. Unfortunately, it won't be tomorrow.
  3. Smile back at her sweetly. I think she's trying to mess with your mind. Don't let her. I used to feel insecure in general about lots of stuff. I'm still insecure about some stuff (mostly clothing-wise, I feel conscious when wearing skimpier tops) but not as much. Karma's a b****. Ignore her.
  4. yeah I suppose I am a little piss off too so I just have to let it out and I think many of the purse lovers here can relate to it ( hopefully)
  5. Yeah, I guess it is also my new school so there is alot of stuff that I am not use to...
  6. just let it go.... you shouldn't waste time on people like that. you are giving them exactly what they want ....ATTENTION!
    it's not always about looking good and having the "best" purse. Shes probably jealous of you too thats why shes trying to 1 up you by changing her purses, and only talking to guys..... that game is so old. Focus on your course and let her be. hope this helps
  7. Wow, she sounds really insecure and pathetic. Don't waste another moment of your time worrying about her.
  8. Girls are catttty. I can't lie- I've given my fair share of dirty looks
    ( c'mon ladies- most girls have!)


    Girls who are incredibly stuck up ( to the point that they think they're above talking to people in class) are a bit much. Sometimes it's because they are truly dillusional, and believe they're better than you. Often times it stems from insecurity. If this chick thinks that a handbag makes her better than you... I honestly feel bad for her!

    Just try to either, ignore this girl, or give her a second chance and try talking to her about your shared love of handbags? I usually end up making my best friends from girls I've initially hated. Good luck with the situation !
  9. yeah...I think so too I shouldn't pay attention to her anyway dang it :lol: but she always look so mean....-->:evil: it's scary like she is always pissed
  10. EDIT. weird, this got posted twice- whoooopsies. :biggrin:
  11. yeah I really wanted to talk to her because she seen like a handbag addict too lol but she doesn't talk to me back, no word comes out and she doesn't smile.
  12. I think I should just leave it, if she doesn't want to be friend it is just hard and she is every bossy to the her guy friend, the guy had to buy her food and she doesn't even show her presentation in class. Her friend show her presentation for her.She just look too mean...
  13. oo you're in socal! where? sorry that's soo off topic.
  14. Right now pasadena.
  15. I bet she's really insecure and shy. Sometimes shyness comes off as arrogance. Not trying to defend her but I figure eh, worth the benefit of a doubt!