Had you ever being followed?

  1. I was driving back home last night around 1-2am ( bad idea to be out so late ) off the freeway there is still a distance drive until I start seeing more street lights. It was kinda late so there were barely any cars on the road. So while I was driving, this car ( a beat up SUV) on my right and behind me saw that I was alone then start following me. That car just continue following mine, sometimes drive next to me or continue behind me. The guy also looked over my way to check. I was so scare to turn my head to look, because I was scare that he might see my face, but over the corner of my eye I saw he was wearing a hat and I was being followed. I drove more than 10 min and he still not giving up. Good thing that I know the area pretty well so I just continue driving around instead of going home.Finally I went to a major intersection where I know there is a police station near by. I signaled a left turn ( the police station is on the left) then finally the car gave up and went staright and drove away. Then I waited for the car to be gone and make a U turn back home....that was one scary experiece, I thought the area I live was pretty safe but now I guess you just never know. P.S I also saw this guy walking his dog like 2 in the morning :wacko:
  2. Wow Eve that's REALLY freaky!! I'm glad you knew where you were going and found a police station... God knows what that guy wanted!
  3. I know....it was so scare and I thought the guy was drunk at first too...
  4. You really need to keep your wits about you driving alone. I'm glad your safe.
  5. I am glad you got out of that situation safely. Good thinking... that was freaky!
  6. When i lived in San Diego about eight years ago, i had just moved into one of those huge apt. complexes with a girlfriend because i travelled so much and was never home so i wanted to save some money. One afternoon, i was sitting on my porch on the phone and this creepy guy walked by. He didn't 'look' creepy as much as 'felt' creepy. i even commented that to my friend i was on the phone with.

    Several evenings later, i came home from the gym and was meeting some friends out so i wanted to take a shower first. My roommate wasn't home and for some inexplicable reason, i went over to my bedroom window and closed and locked it and shut the blinds. I mean i ALWAYS left my window open - huge complex, no worries, right?

    When i got out of the shower, i heard noises and put on my robe and walked into the dark livingroom and there was a flashlight being shined in the front window. i saw a badge so i opened the door and it was a police officer saying my upstairs neighbors had come home and seen a guy trying to get in my bedroom window so they called police. Then the officer went and took a poloroid of the guy sitting in the back of the cop car and, you guessed it! Creepy guy sauntering down my sidewalk the week before.

    Even though nothing happened, i felt very violated and scared for what would have happened had the neighbors not come home exactly when they did or had i not closed and locked my window. Always listen to that little gut feeling - it's almost never wrong.

    Glad you were smart and are safe, Eve!
  7. *Shivers* That's creepy, but I am glad you are okay. You did the right thing by heading toward the police station.
  8. Oh my gosh that was creepy. I am glad you are ok, and you kept calm/. Thank the Lord you knew area and managed to go home safely.
  9. Wow, how scary. It sounds like you handled the situation correctly. I'm glad you're okay.
  10. OMG that is creepy!!!!I guess it is never a bad idea to check windows and doors, glad you were safe !
  11. Everevereve: I'm glad to hear that you're ok. Just be careful - that guy sounds like a pervert.
  12. My best friend came home from work about 9:30 and found a guy in her yard, she has to open the front gate to go to her front door which is on the side of her villa. She screamed so loud that the neighbors came out quickly and he jumped the fence and ran away. She lives alone and put privacy fences around her villa but the first one blocks her entrance from the driveway to the front door so I always worry about her. Also she has a wierd neighbor who gets drunk and jumps her fence and knocks on her door but she never answers so this kind of creeps me out too. Makes you want to have a large dog living with you.
  13. I love in NY and before I started going out with my bf, I went out with my gfs a lot and after I dropped them off. I was standing at a street light and they guys in their car started screaming something, saying harassing things. They followed me home and in my building I have a gargage. I pulled in and I was so scared to leave the car. They didnt pull into the garage thank god but they were waiting outside. I made my mother come outside with one of those big kitchen knived, lol. Thank god they left by the time I came out of the garage. I waited 10 minutes. Maybe they assumed there was another entrance to the building for the garage , but there isn't.
  14. be careful. the other night a friend of my brothers was driving 2 in the morning and stoped at a red light, an suv came up behind her and another one came from the corner onto uncoming traffic and blocked her in from the front, both drivers passengers got out, went to the gurls car and got her out and then proceeded to take her vechile and drove away, someone saw and reported it to the PO, but shes still missing. it was an isolated issue because they saw a young girl, ALONE, at night on a deserted street and the perfect opportunity. ass*****
  15. Oh that is just horrible... Its so insane how horrible some people are