Had to share (Snarky Coach Comments)

  1. Alright so this weekend was my grandparents' estate auction and it was a pretty difficult deal to go through.

    I carried my new black sig legacy shoulder bag with me to the auction. My whole family was there. I got several compliments on it. But that's not the funny part.

    I've told you guys before that my aunt has those horrible purse parties and sells fake LV, Prada, Balenciaga and Coach (for like $80-$100) and passes them off as real. She knows that I know they're fake, because I asked her where she got the Balenciaga she gave my grandma's housekeeper for christmas and-- GET THIS-- SHE TOLD ME SHE GOT THAT BALENCIAGA FROM JC PENNEY'S. Because, you know, all the hottest Balenciaga's are at JC Penney's.

    Anyway. She was eyebaling it pretty good, then made some snarky comment along the line of, "that's interesting; I've never seen that style before. I'd be concerned it isn't real." and started patting her obscenely fake LV Speedy while she was eyeballing it.

    I smiled and said "Oh, you can't get it anymore. It's called a Legacy bag. I picked it up at the Coach boutique in Rogers." And she kind of smirked and said, "Oh, so it's old! My Coach bags are all newer styles anyway." So that really irritated me, and I said casually, "oh, you mean the $80 fake bags you sell at your purse parties? Because this one retails at $400, and it's real."

    And she goes: "I'd never pay $400 for a bag. You need to get your priorities straight."

    So then I said "Yeah, it's obvious you'd never pay that for a bag, but at least I don't go to bed with a RASH every night from carrying those hideous knock-offs." I gave her fake LV bag the evil eye when I said this, and then I high-tailed it out of there before it ended up being :bagslap:

    Just had to share, I thought you Ladies would find it amusing. I know my mom did, and she thinks I'm crazy for liking Coach so much. Would you all have handled it differently? Because she's always around peddling her fake bags and :cursing: enough is enough! I know maybe it seems shallow it just still chaps me that these country ladies don't know any better and are spending their savings on fake bags trying to be in style with no clue what they're buying and what they're supporting overseas.
  2. Not sure how I'd handle it but the rash comment was funnier than heck! LOL! Sorry that you had to deal with that kind of crap on such a difficult day.
  3. you're much nicer than i would ever be!
  4. thought i would add...my mom has given up on giving me her opinion about my coach bags (i accidently told her how much they cost...oops). she just rolls her eyes. BUT, i thought she was seriously going to have a heart attack when i bought my chanel and lv agenda!
  5. :roflmfao: at the "Balenciagas" at JCPenney.......and I think I probably would've handled it about the same way.
  6. I saw something on the news basically saying most of the bags you see ie coach LV and such are fake out there... so I gues a large % of people are buying thee fakes. Im not sure where they get them I have never seen a place selling them.
  7. wooh! I'd be afraid to get in between the two of you!:graucho: I'm sure it's hard to be in a situation where someone is so brazen about selling fakes, especially when she knows you work for Coach.

    I don't think you'll be able to change her mind in any way but at least she knows that you know the truth. That's all you can really do!

    I feel bad for the ladies who buy those purses who think they're real b/c there really are a lot of people who don' know any beter...
  8. Aren't those purse parties illegal anyway? I believe I've read about those things getting busted and people getting into trouble with the law for them. Your aunt may think it's OK but if it's illegal she could get into some trouble.
  9. OMG! You go girl. :boxing:

    "A rash." Good one! :lol:
  10. I've heard that too!
  11. I think I just would've replied, "It's real,." or ignored her. It's not worth fighting about, especially when it's family. Whatever makes your aunt happy. From their point of view, we are throwing good money away. And we are all supporting the Chinese industry since Coach is made in China, the one thing I'm not too happy about but I guess they do good work and it's all about free trade, right? Oh well, I just think it's best we keep our dignity and not act like we are any better than anybody because we spend $400 on a purse. I am 38 with 2 children so I am probably coming off as giving a motherly speech - I guess I am - I just want people not to argue. Can you tell I am tired of my kids arguing today, lol? That's why I chose this little icon - don't fuel the fire of people who give you a hard time!!:dftt:
  12. You know, maybe you could research that and let her know that she could actually face steep fines or even jail if she's passing off fake bags as authentic. Maybe you could come from a (I know this would be tough) kind place in your heart and say, "You know, they're really cracking down on counterfeit bags and you should know that someone that buys one from you thinking its real could report you and you could end up in serious trouble." Maybe that would get through to her and you'd be doing her a favor (even if her behavior doesn't really warrant it--it's good karma)....:yes:
  13. The purse parties are VERY illegal and she could do jail time for them, yep.
  14. Sarah:

    I am sorry you had such an unpleasant experience at what I am sure was a difficult time for you. I know how much you treasured your grandmother. You handled the situation correctly considering that your aunt was really being rude with her comments towards you. Especially if she is the aunt who kept your grandmother's beloved Coach Bag which you loved so much. She has really got some nerve dissing your bag. Your bag rocks as do you!
    You earn your own living and can spend your money anyway you see fit. I most certainly would rather have one or two authentic bags than a bunch of cheap knock-offs. You just keep your chin up and keep smiling and good things are headed your way!

  15. man..i know in atlanta, they're RAMPANT on the street corners. totally gag worthy.

    and let's not forget ioffer!