Had to share my RAOK's from my TPF'ers!!!!

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  1. So as you all know I have been having some hard times financially (as many of us are) the support and kindness from all you has been completely overwhelming.. often having my husband and I in tears. :cry: The world is a great place. :tup: I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts from you generous contributions, support, emails, job links, etc. You guys are truly incredible.. TPF is a wonderful place! :yahoo: So today I got home from the kids' school (I work there everyday for an hour) to find a package in my mailbox.. what's this?! I say.. because I have not purchased anything? Well, I open it up and inside was this little cutie!! Along with a note that says "Here's a little "white leather" to hold you over 'til you get Ali back! :smile: Donnalynn"
    Man.. what a cutie! this little guy is SO adorable and just made my day! What a great topping to what you guys have already done.. unbelievable. I am truly amazed at what kindness there is for others, especially when we have all never met irl. I just wanted to say thank you, not only to DonnaLynn, but to ALL of you.. you have all been incredible.. and what goes around comes around. I can't wait to be back up on my feet so I can pay all this greatness forward as well.
    LIFE IS GOOD!!!!! :love:
  2. Sorry these are so big, I have resized them many times like I always have on photobucket and they won't post any smaller?!? :shrugs:
  3. That is so cute! I guess you are super happy and BTW I think Donnalynn is such a great person. How nice!
  4. Awww that is so cute! That was so sweet of her!
  5. Awww, how sweet of Donnalynn!
  6. AWWW. That is too sweet! TPF is such a great place filled with great people :smile: You totally deserve it too fieldsinspring!!!
  7. What a wonderful and sweet gesture from donnalynn! Hopefully that cute little smily face will keep you smiling!! You deserve it!!
  8. Congrats, how cute -definitely enough to brighten up your day :smile: How sweet of donnalynn!
  9. What a nice RAOK! Not surprising from Donnalynn- she's SO sweet!
  10. I agree, she is a total sweetheart!!! All of you are too though!!! You guys don't give yourselves credit, this board is amazing!! :tender:
  11. How awesome! Donna is so sweet! You totally deserve smiles in your life!
  12. She is a sweetie and so are you! You deserve a little pick me up!
  13. :biggrin: so nice!! I hope that smiley face will continue to bring smiles to your face!

  14. So are you! ;)
  15. What a wonderful and thoughtful gesture. :smile: