Had To Share My New Find! Pics

  1. Ok I posted earlier, but now I have found a pic of the bag that I ordered today and I am sorry I started a new thread, but I wanted you all to see it..let me know what you think..I am going to use it as a diaper tote http://www.blvdbags.com/ That is the website..I was looking around at the purse store website today and I saw this bag, so I looked a little more and found that they have a website too..let me know what you think. I was thinking it looked a little like a knockoff of something, but I could not figure out what..
  2. It's very cute! Great idea to use it as a diaper bag. Congrats!
  3. wow i like these bags! they're nice!!
  4. It's lovely for a diaper bag! What a great idea! Enjoy it!
  5. it's so cute!!you should get it definitely
  6. They're great bags!
  7. Very cute diaper bag! Congrats!!