Had to return my Pearl agenda.

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  1. Just thought Id let you all know that a few weeks back I got the Pearl vernis agenda to go with my pomme Roxbury to have the contrast and very pleased I was too. However the agenda got colour transfer from the lining of the Roxbury, it got it really bad.

    LV were great and have ordered me a new one in pomme as a replacement so alls well that ends well but just thought id mention in case any one was thinking of the same thing.
  2. Wow! Well, at least they gave you a new one. That pearl is so pretty but you have to be super careful with a color like that....you can't put it anywhere, LOL! Your better off with the Pomme.
  3. aww, i am sorry to hear that, glad LV give you a pomme as replacement :flowers:
  4. Sorry to hear that! But personally I think the Pomme is even more beautiful!
  5. The shade of pink it went was rather nice!!! (haha) but of course it was not all over, mainly got it on the spine as thats the way i had stood it in bag.

    I knew I had to be a bit careful but did not expect the lining of my bag to do this!
  6. Glad to know LV is giving you a replacement!
  7. Yikes! I was contemplating getting a perle cles, but I don't want to have to baby an accessory. Thanks for the warning!
  8. Damn you're lucky. I know they usually don't replace them, as it says in the booklet that vernis is prone to color tansfer.
  9. good to know that LV gave you the new one :yes:
  10. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Aww! Perle IS pretty...... but Pomme's prettier!!!!! congrats!
  12. Good to know that LV gave you a replacement. All s well ends well...
  13. my perle vernis lives in a green bag, and nothing has happened... yet..