Had to post my collection, too!!

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  1. Very nice.
  2. Nice collection :yes: Love the white tote with the scarf!
  3. Is that the Coach "Speedy"?

  4. You have a great collection. Thanks for posting it! :tup:

  5. Me too!!
  6. Nice! Love the Coach satchel. I'm hoping to get one soon. Thanks for sharing.
  7. cute! love the sig. stripe satchel.
  8. Nice collection - love your Speedy satchel. I saw it yesterday and it's really cute.
  9. Great collection! I love your brown satchel! I just bought the same one last night, but in parchment. The shoes are super cute too!
  10. Love that Speedy Satchel! I think I need one of those beauties!! :drool:
  11. Oh I love your white bag with the scarf :drool:
  12. very nice:smile:
  13. Nice!! I love the speedy satchel!!
  14. You have a very nice collection. I love the shoes!!!!!!