Had to giggle

  1. Yesterday dh make the comment that he's happy I've found a new love, Coach. He said he doesnt mind me getting more bags because I get so much more for the same price then with LV.

    I told him, " dont think my lv passion is gone, its just taking a break"
    But I agree, everything that i'd got in the last month, I would get one lv for that same amount of money..
  2. that's funny. In the beginning of my Coach obsession whenever I would look at other leather purses (fossil,etc) my dh would say "I would rather see you get a nice Coach" and things like that.. he really fed my obsession bad... boy do I think he regrets those statements now.. the things he has started!!! :roflmfao:

  3. I totally know where your coming from. I was an LV frek-a-holic until I tried Coach. They styles and colors are so much more exciting to me.
  4. ^^ totally! I'm loving coach right now and i'm going to enjoy it even more soon :biggrin:

    I love that I could buy 10 charm for the price of 1 lv .. and if it gets lost I wont die yknow what I mean.
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. It's so true!!

    I just bought 2 LV's for the price of 4 or 6 coach bags from the outlet... I LOVE Coach!!! But I love those LV's too.. I just cant go crazy and buy all the ones that I like!
  7. ^^ its nice to have a change.. Like you I love LV but hot over coach :biggrin:
  8. Congrats to you ladies on your newfound love for Coach! If you use PCE cards or shop at the Coach Factory stores you'll get even more bang for your buck! :tup: Oohh, and you can even get 20% off at Macy's during the F&F times. It works on Coach there
  9. ^^ would if I could but dont have factory outlets here :sad: and have no clue what pce is ...
  10. ^^ I'll keep that in mind when I plan my next vacation ... LOL

    btw thanks for the link.
  11. I did this exact thing this past summer, "hey kids lets go to Legoland"! Oh, wow...what do you know..theres an outlet within walking distance of our hotel. :angel:
  12. ^^ awesome.
  13. i lovee chanel but its getting way to expensive so my new love is coach...
  14. Cool welcome to COACH Bag Fetish!!!!