Had to get it!

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  1. Anyone around?! :smile:

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  2. YES YES YES Im here!!! reveal!!!!
  3. I am now that the site's back up!
  4. Yeeesssss.....bring it on!
  5. :smile::smile:
  6. Yay! Thanks for joining! I know, I almost flipped out this a.m. when I saw that tpf was down (yet another moment when I realized I have a bag obsession!). lol.
    Anyway, this bag has been revealed before, so I'm sorry it's not a new reveal...but I've wanted a dome-shaped Preston ever since I saw them featured in the spring preview. Presenting her in Sea Mist!!! I'm in LOVE with this color and she was the last one in the store! My SA said she sold VERY quickly. :smile: (And hope you like Marley in the background of my mod pic! He and his identical brother, Ziggy, turned 1 yrs old today and we bought them a cute little tower to play with!)
    Thanks for letting me share! :smile: :smile:

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  7. Love your new bag and Marley and your avatar ;)
  8. I love it!!!! And happy birthday pretty kitties!!!
  9. Very nice! And happy birthday to Marley and Ziggy!
  10. Thank you all! :smile: :smile: And I will be sure to send Ziggy and Marley your birthday wishes. :smile:
  11. Lovely bag!!!! Congrats and Happy B-day to your cute kitties!!:Partyhat:
  12. Love your new Preston!! And the kitties!!!
  13. Love your Preston.... I have it in black/white and love this bag! Happy birthday kittys !!
  14. Very nice :woohoo:

    Looks great on you. Happy Birthday to your fur-babies :Partyhat:

  15. LOVE the Preston! Super nice bag, congratulations! Coach hit a home run with this one for sure.

    I really love Ziggy and Marley though! Sibling kitties are nice to have. I had two sister kitties for many years....Lilly will soon be 19 and Lovey lived to be 16. I had to get a her lil old kitty friend, she was so lonely afterwards. I do love pets.