Had to get another Shoulder Bag, too gorgeous not too! Reveal!

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  1. yeah I don't ever zip mine either, so maybe it wouldn't be a problem....I love the lining in this one!
  2. Yeah the lining is gorgeous! Are you thinking about getting one? :graucho:
  3. Gorgeous bag, and the teal lining is beautiful with it! I usually prefer black with silver rather than brown/brass, but I definitely like this better in the mahogany. It's such a rich shade of brown and will go with just about everything.

  4. Beautiful! It looks great on you! I love your mittens too! :biggrin:
  5. Love the brown!!! Great choice. Absolutely adore this bag.
  6. Soooooo gorgeous!
  7. Thanks girls for all the sweet compliments!! :party:
  8. So beautiful! AND the lining OMG!!!
  9. Yay! Ilove the way this bag looks in mahogany! I love all your bags!!!!!
  10. Love the Mahogany! It is one I'm considering.
  11. Super gorgeous!! This bag is def growing on me and I think this one just put me over the edge!!
  12. im so inspired now to get the mahogany,,, now that youve decided to keep it instead of getting the black,,, ive decided that i need this color!!! its rich,,, like dark chocolate,,, my fav!! love it on you,,,, great choice!!!
  13. Your pic of the lining looks better than the stock pic! That stock pic does it no justice!
  14. Yes I am. I will just have three shoulder bags.
  15. Woot! Jealous! LOL :biggrin: