Had to get another Shoulder Bag, too gorgeous not too! Reveal!

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  1. Bag twins:ghi5: Congrats!!!
  2. Woot! :ghi5:
  3. Very pretty!!
  4. Dude its stunning on you!!!!!
  5. Thanks girls!! :yahoo:
  6. Love that mahgony color, very classy! Looks great on you! Congrats!
  7. That is gorgeous. :drool: Wish I had the money to buy one of every color. :lol: I'm seriously contemplating the gunmetal shoulder bag. I just love this style!!!
  8. The mahogany is so gorgy, and that teal lining is the BEST! I have the Madison convertible hobo in Mahogany and I'm SO GLAD I bought it in this color (thanks to the advice of a tPFer buddy)! Congrats!!!
  9. Classy and stunning bag! You're so lucky and it looks so great on you
  10. super cute S!!! LOVE that pop of teal inside! WOW!
  11. OOhhhh AAHHHh...the brown is perfect on you!:party:
  12. I love it!!! The Mahogany is so gorgeous! It reminds me of dark chocolate. Enjoy!
  13. I really like this bag alot. Does that funky zipper bother you at all??
  14. I love this color! I was sorta hoping Coach would come out with more bags in this shade--it is so deep and rich. Congrats on another great bag!
  15. You know, it doesn't bother me at all because I rarely zip my bag... but I noticed that when I do zip it, it has more structure and it almost looks better zipped... I just gotta take more time to actually zip my bags more often, LOL