Had to do some Coach therapy today

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  1. My son sprained his ankle about a week and a half ago. Today went to the ortho doctor, after his primary referred him yesterday. Well his foot is BROKEN! So now we are looking at months of boots, casts or surgery. After I got him settled I headed to Coach and used my credit. I got a heritage pink wallet the smaller one. Then I find out there are coupons. So hoping one is in my mailbox tomorrow. So I can get 50.00 off and get a charm too. Man it has been a LONG LONG DAY!
  2. aww, you def deserve it! hope your son is feeling better, and hopefully mom is too with her new fabulous buys!
  3. Thanks! Sure glad the ER doc put the first brace on ...so he did not do more damage.
  4. Hey, i sprained my ankle today!! I was thinking to myself "i need some coach, but I need someone else to buy it for me" hahahaha I went straight to the ortho doc and its not broken but just severely sprained with the distinct possibility of developing a stress fracture b/c of where I hurt myself...I feel your sons pain!!!!

    This sucks for him, but i'll keep him in my thoughts!! He and I could be boot buddies :smile: hahaha
  5. Wow.. that really sucks for him. But you did need that Coach therapy...
  6. Hope your son has a speedy recovery, but congrats on your new goodies!
  7. Oh, your poor son!!! I hope he heals fast. And Coach therapy always helps the woman-caretaker! :smile:

  8. Oh man, that's awful! I hope your son heals up quickly. Congrats on the wallet too, you deserve it!

  9. I am so sorry to hear that. Yes he needs a boot buddy. I took a picture of him in the boot to send to his great grandma. I hope you heal fast...we started with a sprain (I think) and then it continued on. Take care of that ankle and elevate and rest!
  10. I hope his foot heals fast and good as it was before. Enjoy your Coach therapy wallet!
  11. Oh goodness, poor guy! Give him lots of TLC and in the mean time enjoy your new goodies!
  12. Awww! Poor guy! Hope he has a quick and easy recovery... these things are never fun! And hopefully you get that Coupon!
  13. It seems to be going around, I sprained my ankle too. Your poor son though, to have a broken foot....ouch! Hope he recovers quickly and it's not to hard on you!
  14. You poor thing! I hope your son gets well soon and has a speedy recovery considering. Hurting the ankle/foot is so painful too!