Had to do (Reveal)!

  1. I have not done a reveal in years but there was no way I could not show off this little bag! Yes I have been smitten with the Alma BB BUT this one beats them all by far! I have stepped out of my usual canvas box! Picture heavy - you know how I do!

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  2. Presenting the Alma BB Patent Monogram in Magenta!
    807B6D1A-6053-481C-9732-FD7E220B5C7D.jpeg 827F8074-12BB-4179-BB6D-AEE386E8E7F7.jpeg 58BE3578-090C-496C-A1AF-1ED9F1E10C6D.jpeg 53C38670-FD09-4A6D-8F4E-82B8BAC3DCF5.jpeg
  3. Beautiful choice! Congratulations! :smile:
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  4. More.
    42629D71-DD4D-4C4F-9F4E-7AE56C2485AC.jpeg 95C971F9-B516-4A1D-B489-197CF35B91DF.jpeg 02F4434C-AC90-481D-995C-D8275FE4A9B6.jpeg 4E96C1AB-4B2A-4423-95F9-BF322BFD7645.jpeg
  5. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
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  6. OMG
    A6B4ED85-4ABB-46C4-A1BB-37BE3E4160E9.jpeg F7D75C9B-EDF1-434C-A6FE-A761781B3664.jpeg AC8085DF-A612-414D-84E3-A9F4D10C3884.jpeg 6559AE2F-1F14-4403-AF84-259711137317.jpeg 11023073-0B7C-47B2-9645-C5F2C5811DBF.jpeg
  7. Wow
    0CFA3EBC-1B96-432B-A4B9-4297557FBB55.jpeg BE30D0CE-A31C-4BA3-AE69-4681618A57C9.jpeg 5C888F96-35A5-47B7-99FD-EB457870AA4E.jpeg 7F1B50D3-98EA-4493-8947-C2ABD3FF1548.jpeg F7A9D987-3C7F-4607-89D8-F6F6A3C843A7.jpeg
  8. I was just looking at this beauty on the LV site under new handbags. I am so excited for you and seeing your reveal! Enjoy it!
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  9. The fam!
    8552E2AF-7958-4EC7-8639-7ABD5654FE38.jpeg 91E03139-9620-4917-8BEB-6D63D465141E.jpeg
  10. Thank you I am in awe on this one.
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  11. I am definitely excited about this one!
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  12. LAST
  13. Wow! What a beauty!! Your Alma bb family is stunning.
  14. Beautiful! Happy Valentines Day!:loveeyes:
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  15. congrats on this beauty!!
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