HAD to buy these BEFORE the potential price increase !!!

  1. With the prospect of a potential price increase looming on the horizon, I figured I had to complete my wish list (with the exception of the upcoming mirage) for 2007....and since Elux offered free shipping, it only "sealed the deal" for me.....things I was going to get by Dec, I figured now is as good a time as any---so here's my stash from Elux (denim fuschia baggy GM, sac bosphore, speedy 40, mono compact change purse, mono lin cles, sunset blvd).....

    Being totally tax-free made it all the worthwhile!!!

    p.s. no pic of the sunset as it's being exchanged as i type...
    a.JPG b.JPG c.JPG d.JPG e.JPG
  2. Nice haul!!!!!!!
  3. AbFab purchases!!:tup: Congrats!!:yes: I've been thinking of taking advantage of the free shipping too!!:p
  4. wow congrats, makes my bubble ring look like chump change!
  5. congrats! nice purchases
  6. wow. big haul. but it really had to be done...incase of price increase...just saving money now...
  7. Congrats! Great stuff before the...:push:
  8. congrats!
  9. Congrats nice haul, you really will save if there is a price increase!
  10. excellent choices! congrats on these gorgeous items and getting it before the price increase, tax free, free shipping. Oh, it feels so good !
  11. oohhhh... congrats on all the lovely goodies!!!
  12. What a haul! Love the purchase and CONGRATS!

    I wish Canadians could get away with tax free! It's a great incentive to purchase more! ;D
  13. fantastic haul!
  14. omg congrats !! I love them all !!
  15. wow, great haul! Fuchsia = LOVE!