Had This Bag, Sold It...Now She's Baaaack!!! REVEAL!

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  1. Didn't want to mark out all the addresses...


    Check out the "older" dustbag...must think a few years back!!!

  2. Leigh? To small for a GIGI...
  3. Oooh... an older dustbag!! I'm liking the looks of this!
  4. Looks like the dustbags on my legacy pieces. More please!
  5. awww. If you got rid of it and got it back, we KNOW its ment to be between you and this bag hihi! i wonder what it is...hummm....
  6. Did I just bump into a reveal (AWESOME).... bring it on...:happydance:
  7. No guesses yet but I'm very curious
  8. Sorry, had to put some laundry in!


  9. Thought someone would guess, I've had it on my wishlist for a week! LOL!

    Legacy Black Mandy!:yahoo:
  10. A total beauty, I know why you have re-purchased it.. Enjoy
  11. Oh! Pretty. I have been seeing this style pop up a bit more often on eBay, but I try to ignore how much I like it so I don't end up collecting this in multiple colors too. :biggrin:
  12. What a great black bag! It looks like a great go-to bag that will go with everything. Does it have legacy lining?
  13. Oh, yes, check out the lining!

  14. IT's perfect! Congrats!
  15. Mandy is getting harder to find, especially NWT. And, I didn't want to wait too much longer to snatch one. I found her on ebay, offered $350, Seller turned me down. She had to relist, I offered again, and she took it. Free Shipping. I'm glad to have Mandy back!