Had the worst morning today...

  1. :hysteric: :cursing:

    I was supposed to meet two co-workers to commute two hours to Tucson today..I showed up at 6 when we were supposed to meet and sat there until 7:30. I just called her because I finally tracked down her cell number at 8:15 and they were already in Tucson. They said they were in the parking lot, and basically implied to me that how could I have missed them?

    Talked to my boss, who is in Mexico today, and he said "things happen" and that he'll talk to me when he gets into the office tommorrow...what should I do? do you think they're mad at me? Will I get fired? I'm so stressed, my first job and all these problems!! Thanks for reading!
  2. I'm sorry that this happened to you. At 6am I would think the parking lot is pretty empty and taht you would have no troubles seeing them if they were there at that time. Was there only one parking lot there? And how come they didn't try to contact you by cellphone if they were supposedly there? What they said and did didn't make sense to me.
  3. Neither of us had the other's cell phones. I came up to the office for a bit to see if she was going to be here and then went right down..I feel so bad and stressed. I got to work 2.5 hours early too!
  4. That's horrible! I think you should be okay if your boss said "Things happen." How is your relationship with those two co-workers?
  5. U learn from your mistakes, why didnt ya'll exchange cell#'s ???

    Was this a really important meeting or something. From the way your boss said "things happen " you should be ok ....

    Dont be so worried ,it a first for everything
  6. I'm sure everything will be o.k. try not to stress it too much really these things due happen to everyone.
  7. im sure it will be ok. explain the situation... but why didnt they at least wait a bit for you??
  8. It will be fine I am sure - I mean - they didn't exactly seem to make any effort to find out where you where?? Also how big is this parking lot??

    At the end of the day - you know you were there and I therefore don't see how you can be criticised:flowers:
  9. :smile: Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. I guess we had miscommunication because there was a period of about 5 minutes when I was up in the office looking for them. I've been at this job two months so far, and I'm acquantances with one of them, the other one just got in from the Taiwan office, so I haven't met him yet.
  10. I think in the long term you will be fine

    but that was just annoying and a pita for today