had some fun..wanna see my "homogenous" collection?

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  1. poor CB pap wasn't allowed in this pic...:sneaky:

    sorry, my digi cam ran out of batteries...so the pic was taken by my lil phone..

    what else do i need to complete the collection? :graucho:

    comment on my "homo" collection! ;)

  2. That is a sweet Damier collection!
  3. I thinks you need a Damier Pap and the little Damier Koala Change Purse, and something in Pomme Vernis!
  4. You ARE the Damier queen, rensky!! Love them all!!! (Poor CB pochette, left all alone!)
  5. Great collection.
  6. Cool Damier collection! :biggrin:
  7. All hail the Damier :queen: ! I think you need a Hampstead to complete the beautiful collection.....:graucho:
  8. pinkwhatever99: thanks!!!
    krispin41: i purposely didn't buy the damier pap 1) because one of the ppl i see all the time has one...hence the CB pap :graucho: plus..im kinda glad i didn't get it because the canvas softens over time..and i can't stand that! :blah:the lil koala change purse is too bulky for me, and the cles does its job!!! but i agree, it'll be cute when i don't wanna bring too many things out!
    karman: im sure i'm not the damier queen!! i know someone in this forum has like a ton more than me :graucho: thanks!! im in love with the segur PM too..and that will be my first epi!!
  9. the glamorous: thanks!!
    john: thanks!!!! when will u get a geant collection? :graucho: that would look soo cool..
    michelle: u really want me to get the hampstead hey? haha..i don't think i have more damier than you!
  10. Ahhh, I totally understand about the Pap (although that makes me happy to hear that it softens over time because this is my next bag I think)

    I do think the Hampstead (totally forgot that one) or the new Sporty bag will be a neat addition.
  11. Very nice :smile:
  12. wow...nice
  13. wow thats some collection! Nice!
  14. LOVE your collection... they all look great together!
  15. Wow...That's nice