Had quite a Coach weekend!

  1. It's been quite a weekend - thought I'd share!

    Yesterday on my way home from work I stopped by the Coach boutique in the mall. I had been wanting to try on a pair of the Keri sunglasses. I saw that someone on the board had them and they actually looked like sunglasses that I would like so I wanted to try them on. I saw that they had been removed from the website so I was hoping the boutique would have a couple pairs remaining.

    I went in and asked around and they said that they were sold out - until I saw one sitting on the display! I told them that these were the ones I was talking about so I tried them on and snatched them up. It was quite a bit for some sunglasses but I really liked them so I was happy! I got the last pair! *happy dance*

    Then today I went to the outlet mall (San Marcos, TX) with some coworkers and really had a good time. I picked up the Mini Signature Duffle in Khaki/White ($135.20) with matching wristlet ($44)! I also snatched up the laminated Bandana zip top cosmetic case that I had been eyeing at the store! ($39), the 3x5 Mini Signature agenda ($76.30) and the Soho wristlet for my daughter ($31.20).

    It was a great weekend! I am loving my glasses! I wish they would have had them in black but I think the white will match my new purse beautifully!

    Here's a picture of my haul and me in my new shades.....
    Thanks for reading!


  2. Congrats on all your purchases. I love the Keri sunglasses, too. They look very nice on you.
  3. Nice haul and you look great in your new Keri sunglasses. That signature white wristlet is so cute. It also looks large. Just another item to send me on a search. I love the outlet hunt! Enjoy all your new goodies.
  4. Those glasses look great on you!! I barely got mine too, they had to search for them - but I wanted white. I get so many compliments, you'll love them!
    Nice haul!!!
  5. wow, u look amazing in those sunglasses. haray for ur new purchases on coach!
  6. Congrats!! Those sunnies look great on you!
  7. Thanks girls! You know how to make a girl feel good! :smile:
  8. Oh! forgot to mention - I bought that agenda Wednesday! Been using it every day since!!
  9. lucky gal, great haul!
  10. great haul! Glasses were made for you! You will love them!
  11. Great stuff. I really like the wristlet. I like the size of the signature print on that one. Enjoy your new things!
  12. I love your new bag and the matching wristlet!
  13. Cute glasses and I love all of your other adorable goodies too! Congrats on a fun weekend!
  14. nice going! looks like you got some amazing things!
  15. great stuff. you wear those glasses well.