Had my ring resized.. can i have opinions please

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  1. So I finally had my engagement back from being resized, I was estimated 2 weeks but they had the ring sat there 2 weeks before they even did any work, and also we were told so many missleading bits of information, all in all it was with T&Co for around 1 month so as you can imagine I was looking forward to getting it back.

    Anyway, Ive never owned a T ring up until now and I have not got many other rings to compare, i am quite minimal when it comes to jewlerry.

    The thing is it looks off to me, not quite round....

    There are pronounced shoulders on the ring now and its not perfectly round as it was before..

    Now tell me....

    Is this normal when a ring is needed to be made a lot bigger?

    I was advised - (not by T&Co) that they may have to put a new shank on it... although they have just resized it.

    Does it look normal???

    Or am I just being nuts???
  2. Mental??

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  3. The ring looks fine to me. How does it look on you when it is on your finger? By the way, is that a Lucida stone?
  4. It looks fine to me as well.
  5. Heres how it looks on my finger... im not sure if its a lucida.... what makes you say that?? I thought it was a regular princess ??
  6. It feels a tiny bit lobsided but im sure thats the shape of my fingers lol

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  7. Ewwww my hands look well wrinkley
  8. I think it looks perfect on you. The side profile looked like a Lucida stone hence I asked. The princess is perfect on you and the setting looks fine to me. Enjoy your beautiful ring. Have you thought of wedding bands yet? Try on the knife edge band.
  9. No, not thought about wedding bands as yet but I need too as we are getting married in October.

    I did think about getting them in Vegas as we are marrying there but we arrive on Sat and marry on Mon so we will be short on time.

    I cannot get to T&Co before we marry to try on bands as I live quite a distance from them.

    I wonder, do you reccomend any shops in the UK or in Vegas where I can find anything?

    By the way... thank you for your kind words, I am super thrilled with it.. he did well!! X
  10. If your ring size is within a regular size 5 to 8, you can always call the Vegas Tiffany ahead and ask them to bring in a few wedding bands for you to view. You can then purchase it on the spot as long as it doesn't require sizing. I like my knife edge band. I also have a diamond band so that I can switch it around depending on my mood.

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  11. Wow that looks beautiful.

    I love both rings of yours!!

    I do like the knife edge design but I am unsure as the engagement is knife edged too..

    Do you think it best to keep it all platinum or have some contrast between the band & engagement?
  12. I say keep it platinum. Both my rings are knife edge and I love them. My diamond band is not knife edge and it gets scratched up easier compared to the knife edge. I suggest trying on the plain knife edge, the bezet, lucida and the channel 2mm diamond bands.
  13. Your ring looks great and so pretty on your hand too. I have a Tiffany six prong solitaire and the band is definitely deeper or shouldered as it builds up to hold the setting.
  14. Ok... thanks for the input everyone.

    He has not technically proposed to me yet but he suprised me yesterday with a long weekend trip to Amsterdam to propose now the ring is right!!

    Ive been several times and I love it....

    Watch this space.....

    Pics to follow!! Xxx