Had my first chemical peel tonight

  1. I get monthly facials and at tonight's I had my first light chemical peel. I didn't know what to expect regarding sensation but it wasn't too bad at all - just a bit uncomfortable. My skin feels incredibly soft now though a bit sensitive.

    Does anyone else get these and, if so, how often?
  2. I rarely get chemical peels. I get a light one a few times a year. Not enough probably, but I don't like the uncomfortable feeling. I have a gel peel that I bought in Korea that exfoliates and keeps my skin really soft, kind of like the chemical peel on a smaller scale. That works for me in between sessions.
  3. i've been wanting to get a chemical peel for some time now, but i keep seeing visions of samantha, from the episode of sex and the city, going to that party at the hamptons w/ a red, burnt-looking face...
  4. ^ hehe, me too. ack.
  5. I'm scared of chemical peels.. are they really that good? How did it go for you?
  6. I used to get maybe 2 a year at my derms office. Personally I prefer microdermabrasion over peels. With micro I can feel & see a difference right away without redness or peeling. With the peels I would have to miss a day or two of work because my skin was so red & flaky.
  7. By chemical do you mean glycolic acid?

    I get that once a month. I have had slight burning 2 times, because patches of my skin were REALLY dry before the facial. Those times it did indeed hurt. But for the most part I love it!
  8. I get them about once a month. There are three different kinds that I get sort of on a rotating basis. The one that stings the most and makes me peel is my favorite.
  9. I 'm having my first chemical peel on late February... Hope it works out as good as yours!
  10. They are a must have. I get mine done once every 6 months. I have a lot of sun damage from just being negligent. So it's part of my routine. It makes such a difference!
    Most doctors start with a light peel the first time and then you can get progressively stronger depending upon your needs. But once the flaking is over, you see such a difference!
  11. I also get a peel (glycolic) with my facial, but switch it up with microdermabrasion. I love it, and it makes such a difference in my skin.

    I was interested in getting a slightly higher grade peel done, at a derm office, but am a bit afraid to!
  12. This is probably a dumb question, but what exactly does it do for your skin? What results do you see? I'm thinking of getting some freckles and a sun spot or two lasered - would a chemical peel also work?
  13. They are great... I have gotten a light one and one that hurt and made me peel also microdermabrasion and laser Genesis... All of these help with acne sundamage and fine lines. You skin is so soft and smooth after a few treatments