Had my first Chanel purchase! Time for the reveal.. ;)

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  1. I have been saving for a little while and I finally had enough money to buy myself something Chanel. :biggrin: Originally, I went to check out a Vintage Antique Show to see if they had any Chanel worth getting but after a long 5 hour hunt, I lost hope.. On the way home my mom asked me if I wanted to stop somewhere and, of course, I mentioned how I would love to stop at a Chanel boutique to look around. ;)
  2. Well, at the mall, there are two Chanel Boutiques, one in Neiman Marcus and one is Saks 5th Avenue.. My mom said that I had to pick one, and because we have a Neiman Marcus card, I picked them..
  3. Yay a live reveal!
  4. As I walked in, I spotted a beautiful white bag and, knowing that it is anomaly for the Chanel boutiques to have other colors of the bag in the back, I asked anyways.. The lady told me she had two other colors! So I asked for them and when she came back she brought a bag that made my heart melt.. I knew this was the bag for me.. So, I bought it. :heart:
  5. Yeah I love live show :yahoo:
  6. What is it!!!! It's killin' me!!!
  7. Helloooooooo don't torture us we R UR friends :biggrin:
  8. I'm here!!!!!
  9. :popcorn:
  10. We are waiting!!!
  11. :whistle:
  12. :drinkup: Anyone?
  13. U have an audience now
  14. :dothewave: Yay a reveal!! :dothewave:
  15. :useless: