Had my eternity ring re-set - pics

  1. Well I've just saved my DH a fortune. I had a 5-stone diamond eternity ring but it was high set and looked awful with the diamond cluster I wear as an e/r. So I took the plunge and had it re-set. It did cost a lot - £360, around $750) but it was worth it. It looks far more spectacular now than before, it's like having a totally new ring. Here's a pic. The pic of how it looked before is in the thread titled 'ring dilemma'.
    What do you all think, was it money well spent??
  2. I love it. Much improved.
  3. Ooooo Sara it's lovely. Definitely worth it.
  4. really lovely! Do you keep staring at it?:smile:

  5. Thanks Riff! The pic is actually a bit too close & not as good as it could be! I am so thrilled because I was terrified I was going to have spent all that money & not like it! Can't wait til Chaz is back so I can show her.

  6. I do! It's really sparkly now and I just love it. It's so nice when something turns out better than you expect.
  7. Some more pics that show it in better perspective.
    ring 2.JPG ring 3.JPG
  8. I really like it- it looks great!
  9. Beauteeful! :drool: I love bezels.
  10. Very lovely :tup:
  11. very nice!
  12. That looks fab! I like the bezel set style, I'll have to go and find your other thread, couldn't you have done a before and after pic together woman! You know I'm lazy! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. Oooooh!!! $750 is a reasonable price for that beauty considering how the price of gold has soared!!! Love it!!!
  14. I love how it looks reset! Very nice job and beautiful set!
  15. Wow, I love the new setting! Yes, yes...I would say that you spent your money well!