Had my acrylic nails removed today...

  1. and I am sooo happy I finally did it. I will never, never, never get acrylics again. Now my nails are thin and need to grow out and I bought pretty much the entire T.I.P.S. line from QVC for it (wonderful stuff in those little bottles) to help make them better.

    anyone else happy they removed theirs?
  2. I had it once...it sucked. I rather grow my natural ones out & do french manicure on them! :smile:
  3. I removed mine last year, after wearing them for 14 years. At first, my nails were so sore. I couldn't even put my hand in my pocket. Now, I just go for the au nautrel look.
  4. I hate fake nails. Not only don't they look nice, you can get fungus and all other gross things under your nailbeds. I have always thought they were tacky. I grew up in NJ and amazed how many people had Carmella Soprano nails still when I went to visit recently. You should get Nailtiques to strengthen your nails. Try to go a month without getting a professional manicure. I bet your nails look great then.
  5. fake nails looks pretty but they are such a hassle for me. does anyone else find them stinky? lol even though i wash my hands like crazy!
  6. acrylic damaged my natural nails, since then i just grow them out naturally and i'm very pleased with how they look...saves me money whenever i get a manicure.
  7. I had them done a couple times, and I really can't stand them. They cost too much for me to maintain...I'd rather spend the money shopping!
  8. ITA
  9. I've had gel nails for the last few years and took them off last week. I am trying to grow out my nails but they are so thin. I won't last another week until I put them back on.
  10. I've been thinking of doing the same. I've had mine about 4 years. It's been over 3 weeks since I've had a fill so I'm thinking of just keep on letting them grow out. Its a french so they don't look too bad unless close up. I'm just tired of going every 2 weeks.
  11. I took mine off myself a few weeks ago. My nails look like crap and are really short but I had them on for maybe a year and I was just tired of them. I am thinking I might go get a new set put on before too long though, my hands look horrible. I was just having problems with the skin on my hands being dry and having to glob tons of lotion on it was messing my nails up.

    I have had mine off and on so many times its not funny, but no matter what I use to strengthen my nails I can't get them to stop splitting and breaking. I don't wear them long and I only do french manicure but my natural nails just don't have any strength to them.
  12. I removed mine after 7 years....took almost 2 yrs to grow back healthy.....will never do it again...although I miss my polish staying on for 2 weeks without chipping!!
  13. My nails are really sore tonight...ugh! My daughter had her acrylics removed about a year ago and they look normal now. But she had to do some serious damage control on them for months. It hurts just to type....

  14. i had mine for about 3 years,.. and it took that lon for them to recover.. i stilll dont think they have.they are thin rip easily.. i have to keep getting manicures to maintain them..which reminds me i need another one...
  15. I had the same problem... twice :shame: I tried once and I felt pain whenever the did the refill, so I got them removed (more painful) and my nails where so thin that it looked like I had no nails :push:
    After a couple of years (and a couple of colleagues which insisted that acrilic nails were great) I gave it a try again, and was fed up after 4 or 5 months and, again, my natural nails were thin like a paper... now I need to take good care of them because they break easily :sad: but at least, are my own nails and a good manicure always help to make them look great!! :yes: