Had fun with Hermes today!

  1. No no no, I didnt get any Hermes or anything, but today I went to get my bj birkin from the consignment shop (long story, I thought it was sold, but the supposed buyer backed out at the last minute or so), and I saw a few birkins and kellys there.. 2 of them attracted my attention big time..

    Both of them are 35 cms, so of course, they are out of the question for me. I posed with them in front of the mirror and I looked ridiculous!

    1st one is a chocho with fuchsia piping made from box leather with silver h/w, just like birkinbaby's and hermesbb's. It was strikingly beautiful, and I caressed the smooth box leather and it felt marvelous. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine how pretty it would be in the 30 cm size. I kept asking the SA about it, but she kept saying it def looked to big on me.. I made a mental note at that time that I def want one just like that in the 30 size. I went as far as calling my friend who lives in NY and asked him (yes, he's male!) to go to Hermes and put his name down on the birkin waitlist and ask the SA to order a chocho box birkin with fuchsia piping for me! :shame:

    2nd one is a thalassa blue box with silver h/w. Excellent condition, a big sister to mine. I thought to myself, hmmm.. if i can pull on the 35, I dont mind owning 2 thalassas, LOL.. I was pretty suprised, coz that thalassa birkin has been in that shop for like weeks. Maybe thalassa isnt so popular where I am.

    I also saw a 28 souple bj togo kelly. It was the 1st time I ever saw a 28, and I must say, it looked tiny. Perhaps the fact that it was a souple style also made it look smaller?

    Oh, and I also saw a tricolor kelly, but I didnt touch it, I only saw it from afar.. I think it was vert anis, choco, and cant remember the other color.. something orangey perhaps..

    I was like a kid in a candy store surrounded with these birkins and kellys. The SAs there were very nice, they know I love to play around with these bags, posing with them in front of the mirror..

    And so, that was my story for today.. I had fun!
  2. OMG! Birkin heaven!!! so jealous! HOw much was the choco box with fuschia piping going for?? I LOVE THAT BAG! I WANT THAT BAG!
  3. I know, birkin heaven, I spent like almost an hour there just chatting with the SAs and fondling the bags :love:

    Cant remember about the choco one, but I did ask about it, and from my best memory it's around 8800. The thalassa one is 7250, that I remember, but I have to check again with the choco.

  4. You lucky girl! Wish I could have been there!! Of course, I would have chained myself to the choco- wouldn't have let that one out of my claws!
  5. Hi Sarah - I would have loved that choco as well. I wish I could blink my eyes and be where you are! :o)
  6. OOh, so many people are into choco lately!
  7. Yep, I love chocolate too. The bicolors in chocolate are yummy!

    Glad you had fun sarah.
  8. hehe.. I'm into choco too, after seeing birkinbaby's and hermesbb's gorgy choco bicolor birkins! I fell in love instantly!

    I love seeing the differences in ppl's tastes. I just met a friend of mine today, and I told her about my craziness for box leather, and how I love the structured feel the leather gives to the bag. And she told me she's the opposite, she's totally not into box at all, in fact, she cannot stand it! She loves the softness of clemence, and how it gives a slouchy look into a bag, etc..

    My madness for birkin bags have getting pretty funny and serious lately. I have a male friend of mine who lives in NY check with Hermes EVERYDAY about availability.. LOL.. I hope I can score one thru him (crossing fingers)..

  9. You will get that bag if he visits daily...I have seen it happen from others on this board. It is only a matter of time. Have him meet a female SA and get asking for the bags in the back. Tell him to use his charm. Good Luck!
  10. Kellybag, I copied and pasted your reply to my friend thru MSN :love: Bits where to be sweet to a female SA has been underlined! LOL..
  11. It will work Sarah trust me...if he can be a bit smooth and charming the SA's will help him. I see what they do for my husband and it blows my mind. You have me thinking...maybe I should use my hubby to get my bag? If it was more convenient to access Hermes here he would. Men do get treated differently.

    Keep me posted and Good Luck!