Had enough of eBay..

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  1. The title says it all. My last 3 auctions have all been non-paying bidders...its just so rubbish now, just so fed up!
  2. I think I have a NPB waiting to happen (I sent an invoice and it's been 3 days), but maybe it would be a blessing in disguise because I don't have the best feeling about this one either.
  3. and I just bought a fake :sad:
  4. Oh dear....its just getting so bad isn't it!
    One of my bidders sent me a bank order which took a week to arrive so she cancelled it, then she said she sent a cheque which hasn't arrived. Today she messaged to say she had cancelled the cheque and didn't want the item anymore! grrrrrrr!!
  5. Agreed. eBay has lost its cachet!

    Too much aggro for too little gain.
  6. It so is....my hb said 'well don't use it then!' but there is no alternative! It used to be so much nicer when I started in 2001
  7. I don't mind selling there, but I won't buy there anymore, its become so sleazy.
  8. ^^ ITA! I don't even like telling people when I buy a purse from eBay... it has such a stigmatism for selling fakes that even though I got lucky and got a great deal on an authentic bag, everyone thinks it must be fake since it came from eBay.

    Also, shopping on the site is so time consuming. I find I have to wade through all of the fakes just to find one authentic bag. Ridiculous!
  9. I'm not sure why I still bother with ebay, a buyer just left me a nasty feedback for no reason, ugh.
  10. EBAY is no longer safe..i;ve bought a FAKE, never recevied a item and many non paying bidder.:tdown:

    ...BUT i still used it to sell mt stuff as there no other website like it..Now i am very careful with everything i do in ebay..

    1. NEVER buy PRADA, LV, GUCCI from ebay
    2. NEVER buy over $500 stuff from ebay
    3. Try to not use paypal as it takes FOREVER to get money back:cursing:
  11. I hear ya....just got my first neg. after having 100% pos. feedback for the longest time and am now in the middle of a claim resolution with Paypal.:cursing: After that gets settled, I'm done with them altogether....gonna close out everything. Just sick, sick, sick of it.:yucky:

  12. agreed! and after I got scammed with a fake and had to comb through a pile just to find a good one, then have to have it authenticated and look out for the obvious and not so obvious..I grew tired of it!!

    Ebay's name and repuation IMO has been tarnished. Efake should be the new name
  13. i agree. my DH hates it when i try to find LV bags on ebay, claiming that "time is money" and all the time & energy spent into it (searching for a bag, inpsecting pictures for any damage, authenticating it, making sure seller is legit) is *not* worth the savings. I disagreed w/ him for a long time (because i can never resist a bargain, lol) but now that i spend probably 30min-1hr per day searching for specifiic things on ebay, and hearing all these horror stories in this subforum, i tend to agree.

    plus, i like getting bags from the boutique anyway. sure, it may cost much more $$ but at least it's brand NEW and you don't have to spend time searching ebay, don't worry about getting a fake, getting a damaged bag, bag getting lost in the mail, getting nothing, etc. there's nothing like it! :smile:
  14. very creative, Efake!
  15. Efake! :roflmfao: That's a good one! ITA!

    Recently, I had 2 NPB's (they must've just logged in to do a BIN & then cancelled their acct soon afterwards because they became "non-registered" within an hour of BIN on my auctions) and encountered 2 Sellers who stole photos /listing from someone else (with similar purses in "excellent" conditions) to get bidders to up their bid on their own "not so excellent" purses. It's almost like BAIT AND SWITCH. One seller copied the entire listing (including photos) from someone else with a total different Creed Serial # and sent me a similar purse with a different Serial #. She even admitted to copying someone's listing! And her purse was in VERY USED condition - not "excellent" as her listing stated. Luckily, I ended up returning it for a refund but it cost me in Shipping Charges BOTH WAYS for a fraudulent listing! :cursing: The photos these Sellers are copying are very "homemade" looking so you, as a Bidder, wouldn't even know to ask if those were her photos or not. If you did, you'd have to do that with EVERY EBAY LISTING! And that's ridiculous! This all happened within a couple of weeks so I'm pretty much fed up with EFAKE too!