Had anyone seen the new (?) color CLAY from Celine IRL?

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  1. I saw the color called clay on their website, but I can't find any IRL pictures of it! Nor any threads on here!

    I have been longing for the light taupe belt bag (has it always been the same color? It looks much more pink on the website than it looks anywhere else?), but then I say the clay, and I cannot decide which one I like more.

    I was hoping that someone might have IRL pictures of it to share? Or maybe of the light taupe? Preferably in Belt bag-style, but all bags are welcome! ;)
  2. *bump*

    As it's been a while since I posted I was hoping that someone might be able to help me by now. :nuts:

    I also Wonder, on their website it looks like the belt bag in the color light taupe differs in color when comparing the sizes? Did they change the hue of light taupe in the new collection, or are they supposed to look the same? If so, which pic is more accurate? :confused1:
  3. I’ve seen the color. It’s beautiful. Wish I took pics so you could see. I saw the color in the Sangle Seau and the Phantom. My only concern is it’s a very light color. Much different than Dune but not sure how it would compare to Light Taupe. The Pearl Blue is also beautiful and I saw that in the Cabas Tote.
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  4. Yes, saw it on calf leather small Trio. It’s a very light colour, somewhat similar to their “light gray” from Spring 2018 collection but with warmer tone. It’s very pretty and summery.
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  5. This is super late, but just in case someone needed it, I took a quick ugly photo of the liege clay trio next to a liege souris classic box. Hope this helps!
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  6. Thank you all for the replies, and for the picture! It was very helpful! I have tried the light taupe on irl, and sadly it looks really awful in my skintone! The Clay in the other hand was totally amazing! I loved the color, but ive only ever seen it once on a luggage Phantom, that I could not afford at that point, and hardly hade the chance to even check out properly as I was in such a hurry. Sigh!
    But, the color was really as beautiful irl as in Miffytoki's picture! :loveeyes: (and that dog! Oh my gosh what a cutie!!! :love:)

    So, while I got my dream bag, the small Celine belt bag, I only hade one color option at the time when I bought it (black) as it was already discontinued and I wanted a brand new, I am still on the hunt for something Clay-colored! I guess I will have to check second hand, but I am scared to do that.. and the clay color seems to be extremely rare either way so I am not sure I will ever stumble across anything Clay either way! (Also, secondhand Stores seems to often leave out the names of the colors, so it's quite hard to know for sure what color you get, as they can differ so much due to lightning! Sigh!)

    Oh, this got long, I just wanted to thank you for the help! The hunt continues! :giggle:
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