Had an AMAZING fun filled day at LV!!! Updates!

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~Avantay Garday~!
Stopped into LV today on a whim and was like a kid in a candy store. Came home empty handed (saving up for damier lune.) My SA (one of them) gave me loads of updates so I'll give those first.

~Damier Neverfull
She confirmed this would be a Japan/Hawaii piece only. No chargesends and no transfers.

~Watercolour Speedy 35
My store she said would be getting around 5-10 (maybe help give you a ball park for your store.)

~Bon Bon
I asked to see one today and it appears they are WAY more limited than we all thought they would be. The NYC 5th avenue store got more Mancrazys than it did Bon Bons! She said there are still a few in the system but your SA will have to beg and plead for a transfer.

~Matisse Bags
Are GORGEOUS! The canvas is very similar to the Antigua line and feels very durable. The larger of the 2 is much larger than I anticipated. The white leather trim is very stiff. Also the lining is a super cute mini version of the print on the outside of the bag. Sort of a watercolour effect.

Notable bags I saw today.
Galleria PM and GM (huge!)~ My SA said they sold several of these today alone
Many miroir small goods~ hearts and cases for those still looking
Mancrazy~ not spoken for but totally gorgeous!
Graduate~ love this bag!
Mahina XS in black, white, and metallic~ such a cute shape could be worn cross body

Other LV news
~LV is considering opening a 2nd LV in Minnesota. They have looked at both the galleria in Edina and the Mall of America.
~Macys LV in Minneapolis as of TODAY now carries sunglasses! They will be setting up a full display in the coming weeks.

And now onto the DRAMA!
My SA and I were talking and we saw someone bolt across the makeup department with security following. About 2 minutes later they were bringing back a woman in handcuffs! Apearantly it happens quite often. She said people have tried to snatch bags 2x and she's only worked there 9 months. Also there entire shipment of iPhone cases (which I had been anticipating) was stolen! They opened up the box and there we all the empty boxes and pajamas and books but no cases. She thinks it was probably stolen in the mail room so now they have to change there policy.

And my good deed! I found a customers check book in a bag on the sales floor. I was looking in the front pocket of the azur pochette bosphore and I found a LV monogram check book cover. I thought maybe it was on display and someone put it in there. I opened it up and there were checks in it. I though maybe they were prop check but there was writing in the ledger and a local address. I ran over to my SA and told her i found a checkbook in a bag! We were both dumbfounded. She said which bag. I hesitated but then confidently said the uhhh the azur pochette bosphote and she burst out laughing. I guess she thinks i know a little too much about LV. She says a customer had been putting her belongings in the bag earlier to see if they would fit and must've forgotten it. Luckily her phone number is in the system. I told her to tell the customer she owes me one. LOL. We momentarily considered getting everything we ever wanted at LV. :devil: Hehehe

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Sep 10, 2007
Uniquely Singapore
Wow whee you day at the boutique is surely filled with lots of exciting 'DRAMA'. Hmmm wish my visits are just as exciting...heh heh..but in Spore, I have not heard of bag snatchers yet (maybe some singapore tpfers can tell me that) .

Thanks for sharing and god bless you for you on your good deed.


Mar 20, 2006
Awesome news/updates! Sounds like you had a lot of fun and I'm glad I wasn't one of the many members that was waiting for the Damier Neverfull! :sweatdrop: