Had an accident with my Mulberry handbag, claiming on insurance, need a valuation.

  1. I haven't posted for ages but I have had an accident with my Alana, involving a small puppy and a silly owner (me) who didn't put it away in the cupboard with the lock on it :noggin:. My insurers (M&S Premier, just a wee plug for them as they are fab) have agreed to reimburse me with enough to buy a new bag, I expained that Mulberry no longer sells the Alana and they said that I should get a written valuation.

    I have sent an email to Mulberry to ask if they can do this but just wondered if anyone else has been in this position, if Mulberry give a valuation and if so should I expect to pay a charge for this?
  2. I think you will be able to go into a Mulberry store and ask them to put it on a peice of headed paper have the manager/ess sign it and that should be fine!!xxxxxxxxx

    If you do it this way I don't think they will charge you,after all its just information on the price of a past season bag. I did this lots of times for peeps who lost/damaged or stolen Rolex's. I was happy to do it as because I was helpful to them I guessed they would come back and
    spend the insurance cheque with me,and 99% of the time,they did!
    I would intimate that to the manager too,that you are thinking along those lines!!
  3. That would be fab, never thought of that.
  4. Just back to say what a wonderful company Mulberry is. They replied to my email this morning and asked for my address and they have written a valuation and it should be in the post either today or tomorrow. :tup:
  5. Just wonderful!
    What a lovely "ending" to your mishap...thanks for keeping us posted!
    Now, what will you be doing with the "funds"?????
    Will it be another Mulberry????
  6. Lovely of you to let us know Mrs Spoon
  7. Thing is I've already spent the funds (and more) last weekend :upsidedown: on a Bayswater and an Anthony :tup:. I just need to remind myself of this when the cheque comes in and pay the money straight to my credit card rather than deciding to treat myself to another Mulberry! :graucho:
  8. piccies please!!!!