Had a horrible experience at my outlet today

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  1. I am really uspset at the treatment i got at my outlet today.. So I got aubergine, acorn Lindsey and aubergine tote and 2 wallets on Thursday. I had saffron and Aegean Lindsey on hold at another outlet. I go to my outlet today to do cs, they said they will only do the CS within the district. I tell them they have done it before. The manager goes in and comes back and tells me I have reached my limit of purchases (since I got 5 bags on Thursday), I cannot buy for 2 more weeks. I was shocked to hear this. I have bought more bags before and not had a problem. I thought ok never mind, I will go to another outlet that is about 40 miles from my house. I get there and as soon as I walk in the manager walks to me and tells me, they cannot sell me the bags for another 2 weeks? I was livid, how did she know? Did the manager from other store call her? I try to reason with her but no use. I am so bummed, I could cry. They made me feel like I am trying to rob the store. Heck, I am dropping 1K there. I deserve to be treated better than that. I cannot get saffron and Aegean now, I really wanted those 2 colors. Sorry to vent. Thanks for listening. I cannot get this thing out of my mind. I know its just a bag and I shouldn't take it too seriously.
  2. OMG-that's ridiculous! Could you have someone else buy them for you perhaps? Maybe the idiots at the outlets are mistaking you for a reseller, or is this a new rule now in place?

  3. what is the limit on ONE style???? I thought it was three a week for one style......but I could be wrong get someone else to get them for u
  4. Sounds like they are trying to limit resellers.
  5. Well, if I send my husband won't they be able to figure it out by the last name? I didn't know there was a 3 of a kind limit

  6. Dont go in with him - let him use HIS name
  7. I might try that tomorrow, that is if I can get my hubby to go there.

  8. Make that happen TONIGHT and he will do anything for u tomorrow
  9. Hope they don't give him a hassle for doing a charge send that they now have told you they won't do out of district. Good luck.
  10. I have seen people buying more than 5 bags at one time at Jackson on a few occasions. Maybe this is just Coach being inconsistent again.
  11. lol!!! that might work, if nothing else.
  12. Yeah, they have always not wanted to do a CS. I doubt that they will do it for hubby.
  13. This is crazy! I've seen people buying way more than 5 bags at once - hell I've done it myself during the holidays!
  14. very inconsistent.
  15. LMAO!!!:lolots: