Had a GREAT experience at Nordstrom today, and got my first Ferragamos!

  1. So I was DETERMINED to find comfortable flats. It's not easy for me, I am really picky and the problem I typically have is that the shoes are uncomfortable and/or I am constantly stepping out of them.

    So I went to the Salon shoes dept at Nordstrom and had a great SA who gave me a bottle of Perrier and chocolate and brought me a ton of flats. And I wasn't even dressed up, just wearing sneaks and khakis and a tshirt! Yay. maybe he could sense I have good taste, heh.

    My new Ferragamos look like this

    My new Tory Burch Revas look like this


    I am so thrilled!! can't wait to pick which ones to wear tomorrow.
  2. Love them- congrats!
  3. Almost forgot the other bonus, the SA threw in a couple of very nice shoe bags: Burberry and Louboutin!

    I'm breaking the black flats in around the house tonight.
  4. oooh pretty flats Jane.. i love the silver one! prettttty!
  5. Very cute! Nordies is great.

    If you're stepping out of your shoes, though, it could be that you, like me, have thin ankles. There are little things you can put in your shoes from the foot petals website if you still have that problem!

    Enjoy your new shoes :smile:
  6. Thanks! Yeah I have some foot petals, have had them for awhile, might go ahead and try them out.
  7. I took some pics and realized my mirror is filthy :sad: Going to clean it tomorrow, but in the meantime:




  8. Wow congratulations.
  9. cute! i wish i could get that sort of service at Nordstroms, normally they don't even look at me, much less say anything, even if i'm carrying my bbag, wearing r&R jeans and a nice top. ah so frusterating.
  10. Cute shoes! Love the silver ones.
  11. :yahoo: great! i really like those!
  12. Congrats on your new shoes! I have the same exact Tory Burch flats...they are SO comfy. Enjoy!
  13. Congrats! They look very pretty and comfy!
  14. great purchases, congrats and enjoy!