Had a cruddy day...

  1. No real point to this story other than me venting....

    I drove my husband to work today so that I could use the car to take our two cats to the vet to get their shots. We went three weeks ago, too. I had called before then to schedule an appointment, they said I could walk in on a Saturday, so that is what we did. Anyway, we took them in, and after two hours of waiting, the cats were so stressed. The first one we had her held down, she somehow managed to get a paw loose and clawed the poor vet's assistant, getting her claw stuck in the girl's hand (she will not permit us to clip her claws). We had to leave her then to be sedated to get her other shots. Second kitty, generally very sweet, they gave her one of the two shots she needed before she freaked. Since she had the shot that needed a booster, we decided to try again when we came back for the booster.

    So, fast forward to today... I took the two cats to the vet. Took out second kitty, and had her held down to get her shot... and she bit my arm. So I have five little kitty puncture wounds. It really did not hurt too badly, though, and barely bled. Vet insisted that we leave both cats to be sedated and get their shots. So I said ok. Cat one needed her teeth cleaned, so I asked if they could just do that since she needs to be sedated and I am leaving them anyway. They say they can do it. Estimate is $474, all told.

    I get a call an hour or so later, saying that cat one has a tooth that needs to be pulled or a root canal. This tooth has been broken I think since we started caring for her (she is a former stray/street cat). I asked how much to pull it, and the doctor said $250-$300 more. I said ok, do it.

    Fast forward to this afternoon, I am pulling out of my building's parking garage and get into my first ever car accident. We were both going very slowly, so there were no injuries and the car was still driveable. I noticed my front bumper was not in good shape. I tried to push it back on, but it wasn't taking. So I just pulled the thing off and loaded it into my car. Drove to the police station to file a report with the other girl. She has no valid insurance, says that she is on her parents' insurance, but it is way expired and I notice she is 30... so no way her parents' car insurance would cover her in any event. Whatever.

    Finally get to pick up my husband and go to the vet. We get to the vet and they tell me the total is somehow $884! I tried to explain to them that I was told it was $474, and then $250-$300 extra for the extraction... basic response was that I have up to 7 days to pay it. I said, ok, but the thing is, I am not going to pay this. I paid them $774, which is the original estimate plus the high end of what he told me the extraction would be. Now I am supposed to wait for the office manager to call me and tell me it's ok.

    Oh, yeah, and I burst into tears at the vet's office somewhere in the middle of that.

    The only thing that made me feel a little better about my day was there was another guy in the office whose dog's face had been burned by his "friend" who was taking care of her. Though of course, this doesn't actually make me feel better.

  2. I am so sorry...what a rough day. Yeah for you for taking care of the kitties, pet expense can be hard, but you did the right thing taking care of them.

    I hope tomorrow is a better day :smile:
  3. Tomorrow HAS to be a better day--my finances can't sustain many days like today!

    I do have to say, she sure is a lucky old street cat. She leads a pretty darn good life for being as ornery as she is!