Had a bit of time today...

  1. so paid my store a visit!

    Got the new Le Monde (even though they are sending one out - they gave me one anyway!! - LOL!!), a "Rooftops of Paris" scarf in Pink, to replace the "les Petit Meniers" that's at the framers for the girls' room! Got the Brides De Gala in cashmere (the bright coloured one from the catalogue with 16 brides de gala on it - yum!), an orange, peach and lemon keychains to go with my pear (fruit salad!), put a Trim on hold, bought Rose Ikebana perfume and last but not least, the flying carpet scarf in blue....whew! Yep - went a bit crazy, but you do every now and again!:nuts:

    Will post pics when we get a new camera (this weekend, hopefully): ours has kicked the bucket (just when I needed it for eBay...ugh!)....
  2. I love the Rose Ikebana. One of my favorite perfumes.
  3. What a haul, K! Sounds like so much fun, well, you deserve it :yes: Can't wait to see pics :biggrin:
  4. I call that an eventful outing!!LOL! Well done girl!;)
  5. Ditto! Can't wait to see pics of your loot, K! :nuts:
  6. Woohoo, K!!!:yahoo: You had a very productive Hermes day! Yes, please do get that new camera this weekend. We want pics!:biggrin:
  7. Thats my favourite perfume... what colour is the trim ?:smile:
  8. Forgot to say, I really like the flying carpet scarf! And K, what size is that Brides de Gala cashmere scarf? Is it full cashmere or a cashmere/silk blend?
  9. :nuts: Yum!! Sounds like you had a lovely time at H. I can't wait to see the Brides de gala too. Sigh...I am stuck at work while you have had an extremely productive day!:P
  10. You managed all that while having only "a bit of" time? I'd hate to imagine what you could do if you had a whole free day. LOL.

    Congratulations on the new acquisitions.. Pix, pix!!!
  11. My favorite skiving-off activity!!!

    Congratulations!! Can't wait to see them!
  12. Hey, K, don't forget those window pics. And I want to see what your Napoleon looks like.
  13. wanting to see pics.. gosh, you sure had fun and so happy you got nice goodies again..
  14. You did well!
  15. Very nice K! Can't wait to see pics of the fruit salad!