Had a ball breaking in my new WOC in Maui!

  1. Hi friends! Just got back from my trip and I have to say I sure did get over babying my WOC. I took her to the beach and everything. It's safe to say that this little bag is island approved!
    IMG_7978.JPG IMG_7917.JPG IMG_7921.JPG
  2. Really cool pics!! It's nice to enjoy your Chanel without any worries :lol::biggrin:
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  3. Thank you and so true! I'd like to be the same way with my Jumbo. :coolio:
  4. Beautiful pics of your WOC on the beach. Looks like you were at the Fairmont?
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  5. Last November I brought my beige reissue with me to Barbados. I was a bit worried at first about the salt water. But then I ended up taking it with me everywhere, even managed to hop on a 'Reggae' bus to go into town. Good thing the 2.55 was under the radar, it felt safe enough :giggle::lol:
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  6. Thank you! Wow. Good eye!!
  7. I was worried about the salt too! I just wiped her off and it was fine. Reggae bus huh? Someone parties!
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  8. So beautiful the Fairmont is my favorite hotel on Maui. Looks like your having an amazing time:coolio:
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  9. It was my first time at the Fairmont and I loved it! We went paddle boarding at the beach next to the hotel and I ended up in arms reach of huge sea turtles. Can't wait to go back next year. :heart:
  10. Sometimes you just gotta take that bag out and love on it! It's hard to do so, but so needed!!

    Looks like a great trip!
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  11. Absolutely! I recently bought a single flap jumbo and before I took her out for the first time I packed her up fairly full. I then got worried and began taking things out until I only had a cardholder and my phone inside the bag!! I laughed at myself and then did a reality check. We paid for them, might as well use them! :tup:
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  12. Congratulations- such a pretty WOC!
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  13. Thank you! I wasn't sure at first about it's functionality but I'm a fan now.:coolio:
  14. We are heading back later this summer. Curious since we didn't paddle board last visit if you were walking down to the beach from hotel, did you do this to the left or to the right? And was it morning or afternoon. It was so calm early in the morning but waves really picked by 9:30 am last summer when we were there.
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  15. So if you're walking to the beach from the hotel we saw the sea turtles on the right side near the rocks when we were paddle boarding. You will see most snorkelers in this area as it's known for where the sea turtles hang out. I'd say we would get to the beach around 10 and leave around 1 and the water was pretty calm. After that it would get choppy.

    One more thing, if you paddle board really lather on the sunscreen! We both got semi burned. :mad:
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